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We have many awesome events planned for our members and with that come PHOTOS. We appreciate all the members that have supplied us with albums full of memories. Please view all the events with the years listed below. If you have an album from an event and would like it listed here please send a link to the album for public viewing.

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2021 Events

From David Kelly – Here is a link to photos of the Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch held on Sunday, November 14, 2021.  A bright sunny day with beautiful fall weather brought out thirty-six Space Coast Region members and their Porsches for fun and coffee with their friends at our local Panera’s.  Everything from a beautiful white 356 SC Cabriolet and several nice air-cooled 911’s and front-engine cars, to the latest Porsche models was on display.  Lots of time was spent checking out the details of each car, including some of the paint schemes, wheel choices, and other modifications.  Several stories were told of past Porsche adventures and planned future Porsche acquisitions.  The owners of a beautiful white McLaren and an equally beautiful Lamborghini joined the fun with the Porsche crowd to check over the cars as well.  It was a good time for everyone.

Near the end of the Kaffeeklatsch, a few of the attendees left for a Group Drive to the Pelican Yacht Club in Ft. Pierce, FL. to attend the “Porsches & Pancakes Breakfast” sponsored by the Gulfstream Region PCA.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch – Sunday, November 14, 2021

From David Kelly – Here is a link to photos of the Space Coast Region Concours, BBQ & Swap Meet held on Saturday, November 6, 2021 at F. Burton Smith Regional Park in Cocoa, FL.  Under sunny skies, members and families of the Space Coast Region gathered with “The 356 Florida Owners Group” to celebrate this annual event and the opportunity to see great Porsche cars on display while enjoying good food and camaraderie with friends.  They also had the chance to discover potentially rare parts or something at the Swap Meet tables to complete their Porsche memorabilia collection.  All of the cars entered in the Concours were deserving of close attention by the judges for each Class Award and for the Best-in-Show Award, and event attendees were able to vote for their selection of the “Peoples Choice” Award for the 356 Group and for the best car among all the other classes.  There were many happy smiles on the faces the attendees and of the owners receiving awards during the ending ceremony at the close of the day.  Here is a PDF of all the winners.

Thanks to all the owners who brought their cars and to the SPC Region Officers, the 356 Florida Owners Group, and to “356 Unlimited” for making the event a great success!

Space Coast Region Oktoberfest Concours, BBQ & Swap Meet – Saturday Nov. 6, 2021

From Robin Hoffman – The OctoberFast Zone 12 event happened October 22-24 and it was a great success. Space Coast had drivers in the autocross, the DE and the Club Races. We had 8 Porsches join in our drive up to Daytona and we were quite a sight along I95. Many members enjoyed walking tours around the Speedway and the garages including a few different viewing areas; like the international horseshoe (turn 3) of the road course.

The Autocross on the Daytona kart track Saturday is rumored to be the most awesome autocross one participant had ever done and they can’t wait to do it again next year. The only cones they had to navigate were 3 slalom cones just prior to the finish line. The rest of the course was basically a small racing track. Top speeds may have neared 70 mph!

65 drivers were on the roster, and here’s how Space Coast did overall. I’m including the names of some of our fellow Space Coast region members. We were a FAST group:

[fastest time of day = 48.06]

23 – Alex Flores (2006 Boxster) – 51.99
21 — Dave Micca (2008 Boxster, lava orange) — 52.08
28 — Jeff Nester (2021 Cayman GTS) — 52.55
33 — Glenn Matchett (2012 911 C2S) — 52.846
35 — Cindy Hambidge (2010 Boxster S) — 53.103
53 — Milt Weisman (2016 Boxster GTS) — 56.59
56 — Roger Duff (2002 Boxster S) — 57.44

There was some stiff competition in the AX including a powerful Cayman R on racing slicks. They trailered their car, but all of our competitors drove our Porsches to the event.

On Sunday, we watched the 90 minute Enduro race for PCA club racing. There were 4 different classes on the track at the same time: 911, Cayman GT4, Boxster (hardtop), and 944. The first-place driver led the entire race. And for the first half of the race, the drivers at spots 2, 3, and 4 were in a tight pack, but eventually caught up to the slower classes and someone was able to use a slower car as an opportunity for passing to widen the gap.

Both Saturday and Sunday at lunchtime there was an opportunity to do a 3 lap charity track tour. Unfortunately, they were the slowest track tours I’ve ever seen. We are not allowed to drive on the high banks. They parked a rescue truck at Nascar turns 1 and 3; to enforce that. But this time they also added a security person down low at Nascar turns 2 and 4. Well. At least we did raise some cash for Charity.

I hope you enjoy a few photos from this event – Photo contributors include Cindy Hambidge and Sue Kee as well as myself.

Photos – OktoberFAST in Daytona 2021

From David Kelly – Here is a link to photos of the Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch held on Sunday, October 10, 2021.  Seventeen people brought their cars out on a beautiful sunny day for the opportunity to have some fun and camaraderie with other Porsche friends.  The stories told and the experiences shared made it another happy and successful event.  I hope you enjoy the photos.

Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch – Sunday, October 10, 2021

From Robin Hoffman –  PCA is great way to meet people and enjoy your car.  You can join in sub-groups within PCA.  My husband and I are involved with the 356 Registry group and we love to go and enjoy gathering with those folks too.  This is an album of our adventure this past weekend.

The Southern 356 Owners Group and Florida 356 Owners Group put on a spectacular 4 days in the mountains in Helen, GA.  100 356 enthusiasts brought their cars out to drive on the twisting roads and enjoy food, music and company at the Tanglewood Lodge.  We drove to the Wolf Mountain Winery and enjoyed an impressive garage tour and lunch, We ate German Brauts  Saturday night and a whole BBQ smoked pig on Sunday night while telling stories around the campfire.  We enjoyed the Photo Safari which made us get out of our cars and comfort zone to get the shots!  Sunday brought a 100 KM group drive to Glen-Ella Inn and finished up with lunch and Goodbyes.

A huge THANK YOU to all the leadership and hard work of the volunteers who made this event so enjoyable!  I hope to see you all again soon!  And thanks to Kim Brazinsky DeNais, Fernando Lopez, Glen Getchell, and Dwayne Deese for sharing their photos for this album!

Photos – 2021 Southern 356 Drive Weekend

From David Kelly – Here is a link to photos of the Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch held on Sunday, September 12, 2021.  It was a hot day for “hot cars,” with a good turn-out of twenty-four SPC members and a great mix of Porsche’s.  We had some new members and several visitors, including two Vero Beach police officers who were interested in seeing the cars, and a photo-journalist who came by to check out the event for the local newspaper.  The journalist, representing “The Hometown News,” took photos of the cars and interviewed several of the owners.  It was an interesting and fun day for everyone!  I hope you enjoy the photos.

Photos – Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch – Sunday, September 12, 2021

From Robin Hoffman – On Saturday Sept 4, 2021 we had our Melbourne Kaffeeklatsch.  Brennen attended again and got some cool shots of the morning.  I hope you enjoy them. His website is brennentope.com and his FB page is Brennen Tope Photography if you’d like to see some spectacular photos.  Thanks for coming out and for the great images Brennen!

Photos – Melbourne Kaffeeklatsch on Saturday, September 4, 2021

From David Kelly – Here is a link to photos of the Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch on Sunday, August 08, 2021.  Twenty-three Space Coast Region members brought nineteen Porsches to display on a bright sunny day.  There was ample opportunity for everyone to catch up with a few laughs and talk of future plans, along with discussions of recent car transactions.  You may see some familiar faces in the group, and also find a few interesting features on some of the cars.   I hope you enjoy the photos.

Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch – Sunday, August 08, 2021

From Robin Hoffman – What a wonderful way to spend the day!  In the morning, 20 Space Coast members got some instruction in our Autocross School – Including 5 ladies!  Then in the afternoon, 100+ more members joined in for an Ice Cream Social hosted by Mark and Tetiana Pieloch.  Driving a Porsche tractor is fun, but having a ride in a historic 1993 964RSR race car is a chance of a lifetime!  This one is one of 55 made and raced in Europe and our Autocross Instructors were trusted to give 60 members rides in the RSR around the Autocross Track.  A huge Thank you to the Pieloch’s and AMCM team for hosting us and all the volunteers and autocross instructors who made this event successful!  And a warm welcome and congratulations on the arrival of the newest Pieloch – baby Matthew!

Photos – Autocross School and Ice Cream Social at the AMCM July 24, 2021

From Robin Hoffman – We had a wonderful time last night at our summer banquet on Melbourne Beach. The rain never deterred this group – lots of laughs and good times. Thanks for coming out!  Here’s is a link to the photos I took.

Photos – Space Coast PCA Summer Banquet, June 12, 2021

From David Kelly – Here is a link to photos of the Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch held on Sunday, June 13, 2021.  Twenty Space Coast Region members brought their Porsches out for the monthly get-together at Panera’s.  On display were a pristine 356 SC, several nice mid-eighties air & water-cooled models, a beautiful early Boxster, and several of the latest 911, Boxster, and SUV models; so there was plenty for everyone to check out under the warm sunshine.  There was much discussion about paintwork, engine bays, interiors, and track experiences at our local venues.  Best of all, it was an event shared among Porsche families where everyone had a chance to catch up until the next time.  I hope you enjoy the photos.

Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch – Sunday, June 13, 2021

From David Kelly – Here is a link to photos of the Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch on Sunday, May 09, 2021.  On a beautiful sunny day, twenty-nine Space Coast Region members took full advantage to bring their cars out for some fun at the Kaffeeklatsch.  There was a little bit of everything with lots of cars to check out and lots of Porsche stories told as everyone enjoyed the great weather.  I hope you enjoy the photos.

Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch – Sunday, May 09, 2021

From Robin Hoffman – On Sunday, May 2nd 35 Porsches came out and drove for a good cause. Our Poker Run raised over $1100 for Life ReCaptured – a local charity that runs a home for girls who have been rescued from Human Trafficing here in Brevard County. During the 70 mile drive, players picked up 5 cards and then were offered 2 more cards for extra donations! The top 4 Poker hands were all Full Houses! Our 50 or so participants were treated to a donuts & coffee in the morning and pizza and salad from Kelsey’s for lunch. Special thanks to the Springer Family for hosting and running this event along with Wojo – our Drive and Dine coordinator. I think everyone agreed – it was a fun way to spend a morning!

Photos – Charity Poker Run, May 2, 2021 (Photos by Robin Hoffman and Ed Springer)

From Robin Hoffman – Our April 17th “After Tax Day Rally”. was so much fun! This rally had a different spin – no trying to find house numbers and not so many gimmicks! This year was primarily a picture route identification with emphasis on time and distance. Our Rally Masters had some great Porsche-approved roads for us to enjoy. After what seemed like a very short 3 hours we enjoyed a delicious Sonny’s BBQ lunch. Thanks to our Rally Masters Brian Reinert and David O’Neal for executing another wonderful rally!!

Photos – After Tax Day Rally, April 17, 2021

From David Kelly – The “Wheels & Keels Exotic Car & Boat Show” was held Saturday, April 10, 2021 at the Moorings Yacht & Country Club in Vero Beach, FL. with all proceeds going to local charities.  Although it was not an official PCA sponsored event, several PCA members participated by entering their cars in the judged competition, with the Black 1958 356 Speedster winning a Blue Ribbon for “Best-in-Class” of “Sports Cars 1960 and Older.”  There were many other fine examples of Porsches there as you will see in the photos.  One Space Coast member brought his beautiful Blue 356 SC Cabriolet which was in strong competition with another local member in his equally impressive Red 356 Coupe.  The owner of 356 Cabriolet also brought his Red Ford GT, which won the Blue Ribbon for “Best-in-Class” for “Original Speciality Cars.”  It was a great day for all car lovers!

All-in-all, there was much to see from early classic cars and boats of every era to some of the most modern exotic automobiles on the market today.  Beautiful weather, beautiful venue, beautiful cars, and great people!  You can see it all in the photos at the link below.

Photos – Wheels & Keels Exotic Car & Boat Show at the Moorings Yacht & Country Club – Saturday, April 10, 2021

From Jeff Dorman – The 2021 edition of the 12 Hours of Sebring was another great day for Porsche, with wins in both the GTLM and GTD classes.  The privateer No. 79 WeatherTech Racing Porsche 911 RSR-19 won GTLM, after the No. 25 BMW took out the leading Corvette No. 3 with 6 or so minutes remaining.  In GTD, the No. 9 Pfaff Motorsports Porsche 911 GT3R paced a 1-2 Porsche finish and was the class of the GTD field all day.  The No. 5 Mustang Sampling Cadillac DPI took home top honors among the three very busy Prototype classes (DPI, LMP2, and LMP3).

It was the fourth straight win for Porsche in GTLM at Sebring, and its 100th class victory at Sebring!  And it was the 2nd straight year for the Porsche 1-2 in the GTD class.

It was a beautiful day for racing with very strong winds at times.  Due to covid protocols the paddock and the traditional grid walk were off-limits to spectators.  I’m hopeful that the 2022 edition brings a return of these special fan features.  Regardless, the competition was as good as it gets.  It was another fantastic 12 Hours of Sebring, especially for Porsche!

Photos – 12 Hours of Sebring, March 20, 2021

From David Kelly – Here is a link to photos of the Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch on Sunday, March 14, 2021.  It was a nice day, with great cars, and great people!  I hope you enjoy the photos.

Photos – Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch on Sunday, March 14, 2021

From Tony Whalen –  Held annually at the American Muscle Museum, this year the Corvette club was the home team and set up a fast 45 second track.  For the first time, the Corvette Club had the fastest time of the day, however for the 4th year in a row, the Porsche club had the overall fastest average team times beating the Corvette club by just 0.2s.   Congrats to team SPC and thanks to the AMCM and all the participants that made it such a great, safe, and competitive event.

Photos – AutoX Challenge 2021: Porsche vs. Corvette – March 6 at the AMCM

From Carmen DeVito – The first 2021 Porsche Melbourne sponsored Space Coast Region PCA Autocross was held at the American Muscle Car Museum on Feb 6 with 25 drivers in attendance.  The 60+ second course held some changes for the SPC autocrossers with a new start and reverse rotation behind the maintenance shop.  At the end of the day, Fastest time of day was taken by Ken Marshall in his brand new GT4.  Congrats to the class winners!  Visit https://spc.pca.org/autocross-results/ for complete results.

Photos – SPC AX @ AMCM, February 6, 2021  Photos courtesy of Ed Dedick.

From Jeff Dorman – With COVID precautions top of mind at Daytona Speedway, 2021 Rolex 24 Hour ticket holders were offered the option of rolling their 2021 purchases over to the 2022 race week or attend the 2021 edition.  This year masks are required, the garages and the grid are off-limits to spectators, and the PCA tent will not be offering its traditional benefits (live TV feed, raffles, honored guests).   I decided I’d wait for the 2022 Rolex 24 Hour race.   But I did give a visit to the Roar Before The 24 weekend on Saturday.  The crowd was sparse and the adjustments for COVID were abundant – social distancing in all the right places (every other row of bleachers was marked off, with 6 ft. spacing on the available rows) and restrictions on infield parking locations and infield spectating access (infield road course and turn 1-2 only).

The new season offers an abundance of excellent machinery and driving talent.  I had not heard these cars run since the race last year and it was glorious.  The GTLM cars sounded great as usual, particularly the screaming Porsche 911 RSR now in privateer hands with WeatherTech sponsorship.  Sadly, there is no Porsche factory effort in GTLM this year.  Former Porsche factory driver Nick Tandy is now driving in the #4 Corvette and he is very fast in it.  I wound not bet against him in next week’s big race.

There is the new LMP3 class added, so the number of prototypes was really outstanding.  I took a few pictures of Session 3 of the Michelin Pilot Series from the bleachers, and a ton of pictures of Session 3 of the WeatherTech Series (all classes), at the international horseshoe, and on the Turn 1 banking.  I hope you enjoy them.   I wish I were going to the race next weekend.   If you are, it should be another fantastic event even with the pandemic restrictions.

Photos – Roar Before the Rolex 24, Saturday, January 23

From David Kelly – Here is a link to photos of the Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch on Sunday, January, 10, 2021.  It was another good turn-out of local and seasonal SPC members, including several new members to the Region.  As usual, there was a good mix of Porsche models on display for everyone to see and to check out thoroughly.  I hope you enjoy the photos.

Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch – Sunday, January 10, 2021

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