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From Jason Breitfeller: We have the December 5, 2015 Space Coast PCA Holiday Party photos taken by Jason Breitfeller at the link below.  Some of these pictures appeared in the Spring 2016 Escape Velocity, but we want to share with you all the great pictures Jason took at this fun filled party and annual meeting.  You can find the complete story on pages 8 & 9 at https://spc.pca.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/EV-Spring-2016-web.pdf.

Photos – 2015 Space Coast PCA Holiday Party

From David Kelly:  Here is a link to photos of the December 13, 2015 Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch.  We had a large turn-out of PCA members, and several unique Porsches on display.  It was another great Kaffeeklatsch with local Porsche owners just having fun. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch – December 13, 2015

From David Kelly:  The Sebring Historic Race (HSR series) was held this past weekend (Friday 12/4 & Saturday 12/5) and there was a good turn-out despite some spotty weather on Friday.  There were many vintage and modern Porsche race cars there, along with a white VRC Porsche 906 replica, and a silver 904 replica; each of them racing head-to-head with other period race cars such as Mustang GT 350’s, Ferrari’s of various sorts, several Corvette big and small-block racers, E-Jag’s, BMW’s, and Lotus race cars.

Additionally, there were several Lola’s and Chevron’s, along with other special race cars, including two of the modern Ford GT race cars, two Gulf-liveried Ford GT40 replicas (Baily Motorcars), and a number of current and historic prototype cars.  As always, there was much to see in the Paddock and team garage area, and on the grid and track as well.

Sebring is a special place since everything is up close and accessible, with many things happening at the same time in the same general space.  No matter what interest you may have, there is always something to see wherever you look.  The history of the place is ever present, from the names of famous drivers on the tower wall to the Sebring Hall of Fame and Gallery of Legends, to just knowing that you’re at the same track where Juan Fangio, Phil Hill, Mario Andretti, Dan Gurney, Derek Bell, Brian Redman, Steve McQueen, and many others raced.

The race teams had to contend with light intermittent showers on Friday, but qualifying and racing went ahead as planned.  There were full race schedules Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday.  You can see much of the action on Friday and Saturday in the two photo links below.  Just click on a link, wait for the web page to fully load, then click on any photo to see it in a full page view.  You can advance from one photo to the next, or you can browse through them to find which ones interest you the most before viewing them.  It is always best to view them on as large a screen as possible to see the most detail.

I hope you enjoy them.

Sebring Historic Race – Friday 12/04/15

Sebring Historic Race – Saturday 12/05/15

From Audi Don: On Sunday, November 15th, representatives of our PCA Space Coast Region attended a fundraiser for The Haven Guild, a local charitable organization that provides a home along with emotional and developmental support to children who are victims of child abuse and neglect.  This event was hosted by Lila and Keith Buescher at their beautiful home/estate in south Merritt Island.  As a thank you to the members of the Space Coast Region for the $9,000 donation raised by the 2016 Porsche Calendar, the Haven Guild invited members to display their Porsches on the front lawn and driveway for all attendees to see and enjoy.  It was a very worthwhile and successful event.

November 15th, 2015, ‘The Haven Guild’ Fundraiser Photos

From David Kelly:  See photos of the November 15 Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch at the link below.  It was another good turn-out for Space Coast PCA, which included some great Porsche owners from Canada as well.

Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch Photos – Nov. 15, 2015

From Scott Kee: Fifteen Space Coast members enjoyed a fun filled weekend driving and learning on the world famous Sebring International Raceway.  There was some social time in between the track time.  Sue DeVito captured all of the fun on a beautiful weekend.  See the all the photos at the link below.

Photos of Sebring PCA DE Sept. 19 & 20

From David Kelly: You’ll find photos of Friday and Saturday at the Daytona PCA Race this past weekend at the two links below.

The photos show activity in the team garages, on the grid, and on the track.  There are a large number of photos, so it may easier to browse through them first to find which ones interest you the most, then click on any of them for a full screen image to see the most detail.

You will recognize some Space Coast Region members and their race cars.  Look for a red 993 #141 and a red 944 #969, driven by Tom Kirk and Terry Miller, respectively (there are many photos of each car in the mix).  You’ll see other interesting cars as well, including 911’s of every flavor, GT3 RSR’s, GT3 Cup Cars, GT2’s, 911 Turbo’s, 968’s, several 944’s, and at least one highly modified 914.  There were two one-off race cars on the track as well.

If club racing is your interest, then you’ll likely see a few details in the photos which will make viewing them worthwhile.  Hope you enjoy them.

Daytona PCA Race – Friday Oct. 23, 2015

Daytona PCA Race – Saturday Oct. 24, 2015

From David Kelly: Many thanks to all of the Space Coast Officers and SPC members who worked so hard to put together a great Oktoberfest Concours event.  It was one of the best ever!  So many high quality Porsche cars, lots of great people, and super German food too, thanks to the great cooks manning the grill.   From the beautiful cars to the bargains on the Swap table, and the impressive Paintless Dent Repair demonstration, everything was perfect.

There are two links below with photos of the cars and the people who attended, along with the award presentations.  You will see many interesting details as you go through the images and also how much fun everyone had at the event.  Be sure to look at both links so you don’t miss anything.  Feel free to download any images you like.

Space Coast Region Oktoberfest Concours – October 17, 2015 (1) &  Space Coast Region Oktoberfest Concours – October 17, 2015 (2)

From David Kelly: Here is a link to photos of the October 11, 2015 Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch.  Another great turn-out with twenty members attending and some great cars too!

Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch – October 11, 2015

From Turbo Don:   Some pics from the River House Restaurant Event on September 26, 2015.

RiverGrill Drive and Dine 9-26-2015

From David Kelly:  There are photos of the September 13 Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch at the link below.  We had a couple of new members attend and an interesting mix of cars as well.

Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch – September 13, 2015

From David Kelly:  You can find photos of the August 16, 2015 Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch at the link below.  We had a large turn-out of SPC PCA members, along with some unique Porsches as well. There are photos of a GT2, a GT3, and a new Cayman GT4, in addition to an RS America and a Euro Spec 930, among the many other great Porsche cars participating in the event. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch – August 16, 2015

From Robin Hoffman:  The Space Coast Annual Summer Banquet was August 8th at the Suntree Country Club.  This year’s  EXCELLENT banquet was planned and coordinated by Carole Fritsche and her team! It featured the dual Porsche win at Le Mans and was great fun.  Jason Breitfeller had a cake made of the winning Porsche that looked too good to eat (but we did!).  Attendee’s took home some great Le Mans memorabilia: posters, shirts and even magnets celebrating the win!  A HUGE THANK YOU to our sponsors Porsche of Melbourne and  Breitwerks.  Benjamin Pena from Magnafoto took some amazing photos of the event.

Summer Banquet Photos   (password = pca)

Here is the link that Turbo Don (and his talented wife Susan) compiled of yesterday’s drive to the Jolly Gator.  Another winner!!!   Thanks Don and Susan!

Jolly Gator Drive Video – July 11, 2015

From David Kelly:  Here is a link to photos of today’s Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch.  Another great turn-out of Space Coast PCA members, and many great cars too!

Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch – July 12, 2015

From David Kelly:  Photos from the Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch can be found at the link below.  We had nice surprise with the arrival of a new Porsche 918 Spyder!

Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch – Photos

From David Kelly:  We’ve talked about how challenging Turn #17 at Sebring is, especially as you exit very close to the wall onto the front straight.  Here are a couple of animations (still photos in sequence) from the 2015 “12 Hours of Sebring” Race that show just how close the cars come to the outside barrier before having to make a hard swing to the right to get inside the edge of the wall to avoid a crash.

In the first one, focus on the #22 Weather Tech. GT3 RSR as it navigates the runout onto the front straight.  It takes that line all through the race!

In the second one, see the #3 Corvette, the Porsche Factory #912 RSR, and the #62 Ferrari 458 go through on the same line, followed by the #25 BMW and the #17 Falcon Tire Porsche RSR.  They do it time after time for the duration of the race.

The third one is more of the same; “close-to-the-wall” driving for 12 hours straight.

You may not be able to view these for very long, but I thought seeing how the drivers get through there might be meaningful.

Weather Tech. Porsche RSR Exiting Turn #17 at Sebring

Factory Porsche #912 RSR Exiting Turn #17 at Sebring

Green Flag Start as GTLM Cars Exit Turn #17 at Sebring

I should mention that if you click on the small “star-looking” icon at the top right of the animations, you will see them in full screen mode.  You will find that a lot better viewing than the small window.

From David Kelly:  You will find photos of the June 6 Space Coast Region Auto Cross at the link below.  There are lots of photographs!

Since there were two run groups with five to six runs per car, you’ll see photos of cars on the course multiple times.  That will enable the drivers, and others, to select and download any images which they may find useful or interesting.  There were some good drivers out there today, and some great cars too.  If you see a fuzzy image or two, it is either an error on my part, or the driver was going really fast!

Hope you enjoy the photos.  You’ll likely see some familiar faces.

Space Coast Region Auto Cross Photos – 06/06/15

From David Kelly:  You’ve seen these photos mixed in with the “48 Hours of Sebring” photos I sent to you earlier this year, so please disregard the link below if you are not interested in seeing them again.

After the race, I had put together an album for the Accumoto Motorsport Race Team showing their stable of vintage 911 race cars at the Sebring event. Going back through those photos this morning, I was reminded of how special these cars were, and still are, at the race track. For me, it’s another demonstration of Porsche’s racing heritage that these cars can be maintained meticulously and continue to race competitively.

There’s also something special about the way they look even today. Hope you enjoy seeing them again as much I did.

Accumoto Motorsport Race Team at the 48 Hours of Sebring Photos

From David Kelly:  Here are photos of today’s Tech Session at Porsche of Melbourne.   It was a great session with interesting technical content, a short “off-road” driving course, and superb hospitality from Andy and all of the Service Team, followed by a full lunch for our members in the Porsche Show Room. Many thanks to our Region officers and to everyone at Porsche of Melbourne for making this event happen and for their continued support of the Space Coast Region PCA.

April 4 Porsche of Melbourne Tech Session Photos

From Robin Hoffman: The 19th Annual Classics at the Beach Car Show was held on Sunday the 12th of April at the amazing Elliott Museum in Stuart. We had a group drive starting in Melbourne and we met up with more PCA members in Vero.  From Vero to Stuart we took the scenic A1A route which is always a nice drive .  The show had many different makes and models – of course we focused on the Porsches!   Daniel and Neila Bird represented our club well with a win for their amazing 1992 Porsche America Roadster.

19th Annual Classics at the Beach Car Show Photos

From Carmen DeVito: My wife Sue took a lot of pictures of all the cars that attended the May 9 Auto-X event at BCC.  We uploaded the best of them to a Flikr Album titled “Space Coast PCA Autocross – 5/9/15”.

Photos from PCA May 9th EFSC Palm Bay Auto-x

From Elaine Christine: A hearty thank you to all who helped make Food, Fun and Ecto-1 a successful social Charity Event! There were 60 Porsches and over 100 attendees from Space Coast and Florida Citrus Region who toured Parker Brothers Concepts Auto Museum in Port Canaveral, shared lunch, asked Marc & Shanon Parker gear-head kinds of questions, and donated to the Children’s Advocacy Center of Brevard. Check out the photos and see who got to sit in the Batmobile! Shout out to Fishlips, Rusty’s, and Milliken’s for donating platters for the luncheon. We also appreciate the support of Zone12 Representative Dave Herndon and the Charity Subsidy from PCA National that paid for pizza and chairs. Thank you so much!

Food, Fun and Ecto-1 Charity Event Photos

From David Kelly:   Here are photos from the Space Coast “Turbo Mayhem” Event held on April 18, 2015 at BreitWerks in Suntree, FL. Many thanks to Jason Breitfeller, Ralph Fritsche, Steve Hoffman, and our great sponsors for putting on a very special event!

As you will see in the photos, it was a large turn-out of PCA members to see and enjoy the many Turbos participating in the event, in addition to all of the other Porsche models there as well. It was also a family event, and everyone seemed to have a great time!

The photos are in chronological order (except for the first one), so you can see some of the early arrivals and preparation for the event. Most of the early photos are of the cars themselves, but as you progress through them you will see more and more members arriving to see the speakers, displays, and demonstrations. Lots of hard work went into making this a very successful event.

Afterwards, a long procession of Porsches departed for Long Doggers in Viera for lunch and more Porsche fun, followed by a “group drive” for those wanting to continue the adventure.

It was a great day with good people, and some amazing cars!

Space Coast “Turbo Mayhem” Event – April 18, 2015 at BreitWerks in Suntree, FL.

And some more pictures from Don of the event – Turbo Mayhem Event Pictures from Don

From David Kelly:   You’ll find photos of today’s Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch at the link below.

We had a good turn-out with sixteen attendees, including a few for the first time, along with a great assortment of cars.  The cars included a beautiful yellow 993 Turbo with only 8K miles, a silver 996 GT2, a white GTS, two white GT3’s, and several others as seen in the photos.   It was another great Kaffeeklatsch

Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch – April 2015

From David Kelly:  You’ll find photos of the 12 Hours of Sebring Race at the two links below.  Just click on a link, wait until the web page fully loads (which could take minute or two), then view them in full screen/slide show mode to see the most detail.  You’ll be able to “click” your way through them at your own speed.  I had a little trouble loading the photos into albums because I had to break them into two links.  Hopefully, you won’t experience any issues when viewing them.

It was hot day at Sebring and the crowd was large as usual for the 12 Hour Race.  The supporting PCA Regions did a great job in setting up the Porscheplatz and the enlarged Porsche Corral Parking for this year.  It appeared that parking for all PCA members cars was easily accommodated for race day.

With the Porsche Factory Team RSR’s qualifying in positions 1 and 2 for the GTLM Class, the odds were in Porsche’s favor for a big win, especially after the unfortunate incident at the Rolex Daytona race where they crash into each other at the infield turn and put each car out of the race.  It seemed that fate was with them as they led the GTLM field in 1st and 2nd place after eleven hours of racing, only to see disappointment once again as the 912 RSR experienced a wheel hub problem on their very last pit stop which led to the car having to retire from the race.  Almost immediately afterward, the Factory 911 RSR incurred transmission issues, limiting it to fifth gear use on the straights which erased their hard-earned margin over the third place Corvette and quickly dropped them down the running order to finish out of contention for a podium spot in GTLM.  Certainly a disappointing situation for the Porsche Factory Team which had demonstrated throughout the race that they had the fastest cars in their class.  The Team Falken Porsche RSR claimed a third place podium finish for GTLM.

There was a class-winning Porsche though.  That was the Alex Job Racing Porsche driven by Mario Farbacher, Ian James, and Alex Riberas who fought off Jeroen Bleekemolen’s Viper until a spin late in the race gave the Viper the lead until it was forced to retire with engine problems giving the AJP Porsche the win in the GTD Class.

So, a great day of racing, with lots of PCA members watching the action from the Porscheplatz, enjoying the company of friends, and seeing a wide array of Porsches in the Corral.  There was an example of almost every Porsche model present on Saturday, and plenty of photo opportunities too.

As you go through the photos below, look for any details that stand out.  They often tell a story unto themselves.

Check out the white and silver 356’s in the Corral.  Great cars, both of them!  And see the early blue Turbo by KMW Motorsports and the green RSR also in the Corral, along with the one-of-a-kind Kelly-Moss “Safari RS” 911.  You can’t miss them.

In the Hall of Legends, see the 914/8 from the Porsche Museum.  It’s one of two prototypes and features a flat-eight engine from the 908 race car with a top speed of 155mph.  You’ll also see a Porsche 962, and one of the featured cars, a Chevy Chaparral.  Jim Hall was famous for his Chevy Chaparrals, considered very radical at the time, and he won the Sebring 12 Hour Race in one fifty years ago.  As you might imagine, comparisons were being made between that win and Saturday’s GTLM win by a Chevy Corvette.

There was lots to see and experience firsthand.  Hopefully, you’ll find a few things in the photos that interest you as well.

12 Hours of Sebring – Photos
12 Hours of Sebring (2) – Photos

From David Kelly:  Here are photos from the Feb. 15th Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch.  We had about fifteen members there, with a couple of them leaving before the group photo was taken.  Great weather!  We parked across the way in the bank parking lot this time.

Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch – Photos

From David Kelly:   You’ll find photos of the January 2015 Rolex “24 Hours of Daytona” Race at the links below.  They cover the action and events on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Just click on any link to view them.  There are many photos in each link, so after clicking on a link, please wait for the web page to fully load.  Depending on the speed of your internet connection, it could take more than a minute or two to load all of the photos in that link.

There is something for everyone, so you may want to browse through the photos to select the ones you are most interested in seeing, then view them in full screen mode to see the most detail.  This is especially true when viewing the race teams and driver introductions, and also when viewing the details of the cars in the team garages.  You’ll see some familiar cars and faces, and there are always other interesting details if you look closely enough.

As you’ll see, mechanics on many of the teams change out drive line parts (transmissions, half shafts, etc.) and brake rotors and calipers after every practice and qualifying session on the track.  You’ll see them changing engines on some of the cars as well.  And, it’s all done very rapidly in front of a large crowd.

Photographing race cars at speed on the track is a challenge, but you’ll find a few interesting shots never-the-less.  Full screen mode is your best viewing for those as well.

Our PCA officers and the supporting Region volunteers did a great job in setting up the Porsche Corral and also providing the large screen viewing for the race, especially as the weather was acting up on Saturday morning.

Look for the Porsche Factory #912 GT3 RSR Drivers (Jorg Bergmeister, Frederic Makowiecki, and Earl Bamber) as they addressed the PCA members in the Porsche tent prior to the race.

The introduction of the limited edition (only 60 produced) GTS Club Coupe, marking the 60th anniversary of the Porsche Club of America was a very big hit as well!  Fifty-nine of the new GTS Club Coupes will be available for purchase by PCA members, and the car shown in the photos will be awarded to one lucky PCA member in the fall of 2015.

Hope you enjoy the photos.  Feel free to download any that you like.

Thursday – Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona Photos
Friday – Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona Photos
Saturday – Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona Photos

From David Kelly: You’ll find photos of the “48 Hours of Sebring” PCA Race from Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at the links below.  Just click on any link, wait until all of the images fully load on the web page, then view them in full screen mode to see the most detail.  If you select “slide show” mode, you can move your cursor over the bottom of any image and the manual control bar will appear so that you can “click” your way through them at your own speed.  That’s usually the best viewing experience.

There are lots of photographs, so you’re almost certain to find a few things which interest you.  In the Paddock, look for some of the small details in photos of the cars and the garages.  You’ll find some unusual sayings and graphics on the cars, and some interesting items in the garage bays.  Also, look for the “Brumos Approved” re-creation of the 1974 #59 Daytona car (also featured at the Sebring HSR race in December), offered for sale by AutoQuest.  $350K was invested in the build, so the asking price is somewhere north of that.

You’ll see Porsche engines and transmissions being changed out in the garages, and lots of on-track action as well.  You’ll see the cars in Turn #17 lifting the right front wheel as they go through and accelerate onto the front straight.

If you look closely at all of the venues (Paddock, Garages, Track) in full screen mode, you may get the feeling that you are actually there.  Please feel free to download anything that interests you.

48 Hours of Sebring PCA Race – Thursday 01/29/2015
48 Hours of Sebring PCA Race – Friday 01/30/2015
48 Hours of Sebring PCA Race – Saturday 01/31/2015