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AX RESULTS! We are proud to have the sponsorship of the American Muscle Car Museum and the use of their facility for the SPC Autocross series.  Click on the links to download the final results spreadsheet, Class Results PDF, or Raw Times PDF.   Thanks to Ken Marshall and Carmen DeVito for event summaries and corresponding Competition Reports.

2021 AutoX

October 2021 Autocross Results – The Porsche Melbourne sponsored Autocross at American Muscle Car Museum saw 21 PCA members running the course. The weather was perfect and after 6 runs the top three finishers overall were Tim Marshall, Ken Marshall, and Russ Karnap.  All separated by 0.2 seconds.   All class winners got first place autocross hats from PCA National donated by Pirelli tire. Congrats to everyone! Class Results PDF, Raw Times PDF, and Final results XLXS file.

May 2021 Autocross Results – The final Space Coast PCA autocross before the Summer break happened under perfect skies and cool temperatures at the American Muscle Car Museum today, May 8. Twenty-eight drivers, including six new Autocrossers, came out for six fast runs around the course.  FToD was Ken Marshall in his GT4. Congrats to all the class winners! See you in September!  Class Results PDF, Raw Times PDF, and Final results XLXS file.

April 2021 Autocross Results – The second in the 2021 Porsche Melbourne autocross series on April 10 saw 27 entries at American Muscle Car Museum.  The course was 60+ seconds long and drivers enjoyed 6 runs to try for that perfect time. The course was open and smooth and only a few cones became “Coneage” and none suffered greatly. Congrats to all the class winners!  Thanks to Porsche Melbourne, Mark, Ed and everyone at AMCM for their sponsorship.  Our next event is May 8. Class Results PDF, Raw Times PDF, and Final results XLXS file.

February 2021 AutoX Results – The first 2021 Porsche Melbourne sponsored Space Coast Region PCA Autocross was held at the American Muscle Car Museum on Feb 6 with 25 drivers in attendance.  The 60+ second course held some changes for the SPC autocrossers with a new start and reverse rotation behind the maintenance shop.  At the end of the day, fastest time of day was taken by Ken Marshall in his brand new GT4.  Congrats to the class winners!  Class Results PDF, Raw Times PDF, and Final results XLXS file.

2020 AutoX

November 2020 AutoX Results – Space Coast PCA series #5 Results – Sponsored by Porsche Melbourne.  30 Space Coast PCA autocrossers and 2 BMWCCA friends hit the concrete at American Muscle Car Museum for the 5th and final event of the year.  The rain went to the north of us this month and we had great weather for all runs. Special thanks go to Marv DeBeque and Rick Rousseau who volunteered to work the event even though their cars were in the shop. These guys are a great example of the PCA slogan, “It’s not about the cars, it’s about the people”.  Congratulations to the class winners who have extended their points leads or created an upset in their respective classes. The average course time was 63 seconds, with the top 10 drivers all below 60.6 seconds.  Ken Marshall returned to the top podium with a blistering 55.91 over the other top four drivers George Krivo, Jimmy Strater and Carmen DeVito. However, the most discussion was about the BIG Panamera piloted be Brian Kraemer to a 59.56 and fifth place overall! That car is definitely a Porsche. We welcomed five novice drivers attending their first or second autocross; all of them showing marked improvement with every lap. Well done!  That’s it for 2020. Here’s hoping for a better and COVID free 2021 season. See all the results by class and fastest to slowest in the Final Results PDF, Raw Times PDF, and Final results XLXS file.

October 2020 AutoX Results – Results from the October 3, 2020 Autocross show we ran the first run group for 5 runs and the second run group got 2 and a half before the rains came!  But that was good enough for George Krivo to take fastest time of day in his GT3 just edging out Ken Marshall in his Turbo S!  See all the results by class and fastest to slowest in the Final Results PDF, Raw Times PDF, and  Final results XLXS file.  Thanks to the American Muscle Car Museum for the great site and Porsche Melbourne for Sponsoring our Autocross series in 2020.

September 2020 AutoX Results – The return of the Porsche Melbourne sponsored 2020 autocross series happened on September 19 at American Muscle Car Museum.  A short roster of 27 seasoned drivers, no students came out to test the new Covid 19 procedures for registration, track working and BYO Food! Masks were worn when not alone in your car. Online registration for payment and waiver signing allowed us to provide each participant a small sealed bag that contained all they needed to run and work including sanitized walkie talkies.  All feedback indicated the new process was safe, smooth and fast, so the autocross team will keep it! It doesn’t seem any of our drivers were rusty from 9 months of looking at their cars parked in the garage.  Times were on par with past events and very few cones were killed during the day. Our next event will open up to allow new drivers.  Here are the Final Results PDF, Raw Times PDF, and Final results XLXS.

Porsche vs. Corvette Challenge Results – The 3rd annual Porsche Melbourne and American Muscle Car Museum sponsored Porsche vs Corvette Challenge is in the record books.  Space Coast PCA hosted the 2020 edition to a record crowd of over 100 people and won for the 3rd year!  The weather started out a bit cold but turned perfect for the 12 Porsche and 12 Corvette drivers competing for top honors.  After multiple runs throughout the day, the quickest 10 drivers from each team get to add their best times for a team average and the lowest average wins.  This year SPC PCA averaged 58.4913 seconds and Cape Kennedy Corvette Club averaged 61.7580 seconds.  Congratulations to the SPC team that included Ken Marshall (captain), Craig Barrie,  Rick Baz, Carmen DeVito, Cindy Hambidge, Russ Karnap,  George Krivo,  Bob Layman,  Gary Lund, Tim Marshall, Ron Menck, and Steve (Wojo) Wojcicki. Thanks go to our sponsors, the drivers and especially the club members who came out to work the course for us.

2019 AutoX

October 2019 AutoX Results – The 2019 series is in the record books and thanks to hurricanes and rain we only had 5 events but they were fun.  October 5th had 38 cars including a guest from another well known German brand!  Thanks to Ken and Tim the course was open and fast providing a level field for high HP cars and momentum cars.  The results show a close run for FTD among mid-engine and rear engine cars. Congrats to Ken Marshall (56.105)! Also congrats to all the class winners.  Look for year-end points results soon!

June 2019  AutoX Results –  We want to thank everyone who came out in the June heat and waited while we figured out sun glare was false tripping the finish sensor (thanks Bob Layman)! We had a fast, challenging course and we hope you all had a fun time.   Special thanks to the Scott Kee and David O’Neal who came out, didn’t drive but were critical to making the day a success.  Enjoy the summer off, somewhere cool and we will see you in the fall to finish the 2019 season!

– The Autocross team

April 2019 AutoX Results – Autocross #3 at AMCM is in the history books!  We had beautiful Florida spring weather and 43 SPC autocrossers took to the concrete for a fun day.  Attached are the results by Car Class and Raw times for review.  Ken Marshall took FToD in his new GT3 with a very close second place result for brother Tim. There was some great driving out there in all classes.  Congratulations to those class winners who are either extending their lead or closing the gap for yearend trophies.

After the official autocross ended, we had a wonderful opportunity to provide slow course rides to approximately 100 Girl Scouts attending a private tour AMCM.  Ten of our drivers got a chance to meet, talk to and give these young scouts a taste of Porsche ownership.  Many pictures were taken of smiling faces by moms and dads.  Hope we created a few Porsche fans and future owners!

Thanks go out to our sponsors, Porsche Melbourne who were there with cars and banners and help to make these events happen.  Also thanks to Mark Pieloch and everyone at AMCM who provide a wonderful venue and support us in countless ways to make a fun and safe event for our members.

See you May 18th for Autocross #4, now open for registration on ClubRegistration.NET

– The Autocross Team

March 2019 AutoX Results – Here are the results from March 30. We had a record 47 entries with everyone on the waitlist able to run! Congrats to the winners in each class. Thank you all for working with us during the Scouts event! It was memorable for them and we hope you enjoyed it as well. Remember, year-end trophy points are awarded for the first 5 places in each class and total of your best 4 finishes across 7 events determines final year-end class standings. So there is plenty of opportunity to close the gap to first or extend that lead. Also included is the listing of Raw times listed from fastest car/driver without class designation. Enjoy!

Please read the revised 2019 Rules and classes aligned with PCA Parade. Since Parade will be close to home this year, we should be ready to compete well!

We hope you all had a great time and we hope to see you all next month. Thanks to our sponsors Porsche Melbourne and American Muscle Car Museum!

February 2019 AutoX Results – Here are the results in PDF and XLSX formats. Congrats to the winners in each class. Remember, year-end trophy points are awarded for the first 5 places in each class and total of your best 4 finishes across 7 events determines final year-end class standings. So there are plenty of opportunities to close the gap to first or extend that lead. Also included is the listing of Raw times listed from fastest car/driver without class designation. Enjoy!

Please read the revised 2019 Rules and classes aligned with PCA Parade. Since Parade will be close to home this year, we should be ready to compete well!

We hope you all had a great time and we hope to see you all next month. Thanks to our sponsors Porsche Melbourne and American Muscle Car Museum!

2018 AutoX

May 2018 AutoX Results – The 4th Space Coast Region autocross is in the record books and with it the first half of the 2018 season. Thanks to Mark Pieloch and Jerry and Ed from AMCM for their continued support and use of the facility. Also thanks to Shay Rowe for sponsorship and Simon and Dylan for working as starters from Porsche Melbourne. Glad you guys came out!

In the class battles, some people extended their points standings whiles others let the weather forecast keep them away and slipped in the points race.

• Ladies Class – The new Ladies class was dominated by Sally Jecman (2013 Boxster) set a good time on the first run but then put it all together on her second run to clinch first place with a 65.305. Sara Morrison ( 2007 Cayman) took 2nd with a 67.161 and Rachel Schwanitz (2014 Carrera) finished third with a 68.118.

• S04 – 981 Boxster/Cayman – Gary Lund (2014 Cayman) extended his points lead taking the S04 class with a quick 61.903. Larry Hughes (2009 Cayman) brought home a 64.709 for second and Robbie Whitehead (2013 Boxster) took third with a 66.009.

• S05 – 981 Boxster S/Cayman S class – Our largest class with 7 entries was won by Steve Milesic, (2017 718 Boxster S) who achieved 61.021 seconds on his last run, proving the new platform is a contender. Steve Wojo (2014 Cayman S) improved his times through the day, taking second in class on his last run with a 62.139. Jason Gilbert (2007 Boxster S) who partners with Wojo doing time and scoring, when not driving, took a solid third place with a 62.772 also on his last run. This is a close, hard fought class.

• S08 -997/991 nonS class – Chris Buisson returned with his beautiful 2008 Ruby Red 997 Carrera to capture first with a 62.809. Only 0.178 seconds behind in second was Jurgen Schwanitz (2014 Carrera) with a very quick 62.987.

• S09 – 991S/981S class – Russ Karnap (2012 Cayman R) walked away with this first place with a blistering 58.571. Russ was also 4th overall and one of five people to break 60 seconds! Bob Layman (2015 Cayman GTS) also a fast driver improved every run and clinched second with a 60.123. David O’Neal (2015 Cayman GTS) used his third run to clinch third place with 61.143 seconds.

• S10 – GT4/991T/GTS class- This two entry class saw Craig Barrie (2017 Carrera GTS) drop below 60 seconds on his fourth and best run of 59.46. Although he dropped another second on his last run, a cone jumped out and hit his car. Pesky cones! Doug Dieruff (2016 GT4) took second with a 62.081 also on his 4th run.

• P13 – production 991 GT3/T class – on his first run Carmen DeVito (2015 991 GT3) put down what would prove to be his fastest run and FToD at 56.68 seconds. Ken Marshall (2018 Turbo) used his 2nd run to take second in class and 2nd overall with a 57.5 second time. Both ran better times but took cones with them near the finish line. Pesky cones again!

Uncontested in their respective class and extending their points leads were Tim Marshall (P16 – 2009 Cayman S) also 3rd overall at 58.49, Steve Sedaros (P12-2016 Cayman GT4), Jackson Hall (S01- 1993 968), Austin Lilly (S02- 1997 Boxster), John Buckley (S04- 2005 Boxster S), Jacob Martin (S09- 1995 C2), Adam Weiner (S11- 2018 Turbo), Greg Clifford (P06- 1977 911S), Robert Johnson (P08- 1985 Carrera).

Thanks to all the volunteers who came early and stayed afterward to set up and clean up. Congratulations to all the drivers who came out and competed! Hope you had fun and see you in October!

March 2018 AutoX Results – An excellent autocross is in the record books! Thank you all for coming out, helping out and driving well. The special driving coach, Randy Pobst was a great addition to our weekend and I hope everyone that wanted coaching or just a question answered by Randy got the chance. He will be sending some memorabilia for us; so stay tuned to see what we have to hand out to our autocross faithful. Thanks Craig Barrie for being Course Marshal keeping us safe but moving along. No small feat considering this was our largest autocross totaling 44 people with the longest course (74sec average) and we still finished the tour, cleaned up the site and got out before the evening charity event! The course was our most challenging yet. Thanks to Ken and Tim for always giving us more and something special for the 50th! It really was a great course and meeting that challenge is what is making us better drivers. Keep it coming!

The results are the normal format; Class results, then Raw times fastest to slowest. New this year is a single ladies class as requested. All others are per 2018 PCA Parade rules.

A big thanks goes out to Mark Pieloch for the best guided tour of AMCM ever! Just outstanding. His ability to remember details and stories about each car is amazing, entertaining, and added so much to the experience. Thanks Mark! If you have a Facebook account check out the video of Randy Pobst taken by Ed and some of the great pictures from Jerry. You’ll find them on the American Muscle Car Museum page. Thanks guys!

Also a big Thanks to Porsche Melbourne for providing Randy with a car to drive and sponsoring our 2018 autocross season!

See you all out for our next autocross Saturday May 5! Same place, same time, register EARLY!!!

February 2018 Autocross Results NP – at the American Muscle Car Museum

January 2018 AutoX Results – at the American Muscle Car Museum

2017 AutoX

December 2017 AutoX Results – at the American Muscle Car Museum

June 10 Autocross Results – Raw and Class times combined – at the American Muscle Car Museum

April 15, 2017, Autocross Class times  and April 15, 2017, Autocross Raw times – at the American Muscle Car Museum

March 3, 2017 Final and March 3, 2017 Raw – at the American Muscle Car Museum.

2015 AutoX

November 21, 2015  – At Eastern Florida State College.  Final round of the year.

September 12, 2015 – At Eastern Florida State College.

June 6, 2015 – Space Coast PCA’s 3rd AutoX event of the season was held on June 6th at the Eastern Florida State College South campus in Palm Bay. We had another good turnout with 39 cars, 27 Porsche’s participating. This was our final event of the spring AutoX season before our summer break. Events will resume in September with 3 more events scheduled for the fall session. Our 2015 competition format is based on counting a participant’s best points from 5 out of the total of 6 events that will count towards year end class wins.

Competition is heating up across the board with marked improvement in individual times. Scott Key continued his strong showing in the S1a Boxster class, posting a quick 59.868 for 1st place in class, followed in 2nd place by Porsche Melbourne’s’ Jeremy Hilton with a 60.894 and in 3rd place John Lothian finished with a 63.214.

In the ever growing S1b Cayman class, 7 entrants, Craig Barrie ripped off a really quick 57.93 to take 1st in class, followed in 2nd place by Mike Morrison with a 59.00 flat and Russ Karnap with a 59.293 for 3rd place. There seems to be a real battle brewing in the Cayman class, with 4 of the 7 S1b entrants within less than a second of each other, all with run times. Nice driving guys, it was fun to watch.

The S2b 911 class saw Carmen Devito take 1st place in class with a blistering 56.566 run that was good for 3rd place overall, and Matt Kesting following in 2nd place with a fast 57.113. Tom Kirk took 3rd with a nice 57.948 to round out the podium.

The S3, early model 911 class win was taken by David Krulewitz with a swift 61.072, followed in 2nd place by Laing Conley with a 61.823 and Roland Gallie in 3rd with a 63.085.

In the S5, late model 911 high performance class, Tim Robart drove his beautiful new 991 GT3 to a 60.107.

In the SL, Ladies class Sara Morrison ran a nice 60.833 for 1st place, followed by Sally Jecman with a 64.756 in 2nd and Sue Kee in 3rd with a 73.082.

The SUV class saw Robert Brennan in his Porsche Cayenne run a 66.739. That’s a lot of car to handle that quickly.

The P1 class had Reis Barrie put on a show wheeling his 1990 944 to an impressive 60.273.

Alone in the P2, prepared 911 class, Ken Marshall took fastest time of the day with a 54.543.

And that concludes our final run of the first half of the AutoX season. Make sure to sign up for the start of the second half of the season. Our next AutoX event will be held on September 12th at the EFSC facility, and don’t forget the Suncoast/Goldcoast DE at Sebring the following weekend on September 19th and 20th. See you at the races!

May 9, 2015 – The second AutoX of the season is in the bag and judging by the great turnout, Space Coast PCA members are getting much more involved. We set a new record of 28 Porsche’s in attendance out of 40 total entrants, beating our last event by 10 cars.

A new course design featured a double loop at either end of the lot with average run times of over 60 seconds. With 5 runs per driver, per session, this made for a lot of driving. The course received very favorable reviews with the drivers, so much so, that by popular demand we will run a similar course at our next event. Our approach has been to design a challenging course that allows drivers to improve their skills while exploring the limits of their car’s performance in a safe and fun environment.

In the S1 Boxster class Steve Hoffman entered the fray with his ”new” ride, however his second best time of 63.854  wasn’t enough to unseat the hard charging Scott Key who led the class with a 62.202. Jeremey Hilton placed 3rd in class with a nice 64.733.

The S1b Cayman class saw David Oneal in his beautiful new Cayman GTS wheel his way to victory with a hot 59.725, good for 3rd overall, followed by Chris Bevert with a 61.651 for second place, and Tim Marshall filling the podium in 3rd with a 62.137.

The S2b Carrera 911 class started heating things up with some great runs. Carmen Devito blazed the trail and had the crowd on it’s feet with a smoking 58.985 for 1st place in class, second place overall, followed by Reis Barrie with a quick 60.388 for 2nd in class 4th overall and Tom Kirk in 3rd with a 61.789. Great driving guys.

The S3 division saw Roland Gallie take top honors in class with a 64.67 time, followed by Jason Breitfeller, 67.122, who unfortunately blew his engine, on his 3rd run.

A back and forth battle of the heavyweights ensued in the S5 class with the awesome Turbo’s of Steve Sedaros and Adam Wiener putting on a great launch control demonstration. The crowd loved it. These cars are so fast! After trading times back and forth with less than a half second difference between them for four runs, Steve finally called on the AutoX gods and ripped off an amazing 58.542 to take not only the class win, but top time of the day. Nice job Steve! Adam finished 2nd in class with a quick 61.983.

The ladies class saw Victoria Dieterle take 1st place with a very quick 64.826 followed in second place by Sally Jecmen with a 67.171 and Robin Hoffman rounding out the podium in 3rd with a70.437 run.

It was nice to see Porsche Melbourne joining us again with Haley Kerr and Hans Hoezlwimmer coming out to join in the fun. They’ll be back!

The next AutoX is scheduled for June 6th.

March 14, 2015 – We’re baaaaack! After a couple of scheduling miscues we were finally able to hold our first Space Coast AutoX event of the 2015 season on March 14th. It was a great success on a number of counts. Beautiful weather enabled each participant to get in 5 runs, our new trailer comfortably and efficiently hauled all of our equipment and  we were able to use the EFSC restroom facilities, yes ladies, no more Portolets!  We ended up with 28 Porsches entered out of 35 total participants.  This beats our previous Porsche record by 10 entries.

Hats off to our volunteers, Craig, Lynda, and Reis Barrie, Lou Linden, Scott Kee, Steve (Wojo) Wojcicki, Tim Marshall, Jason Breitfeller and Tommy Prusaski who made this possible. We are always looking for help. Contact Craig or Ken if you’d like to volunteer (contact info on pg 5).

Now to the competition. They say that practice makes perfect and it’s obvious we are starting to develop some very quick drivers.

Scott Kee, took 1st place in the S1a class with a fast time of 46.233 and held off Richard Rosseau, in 2nd place by a slim half second margin in a tightly contested battle of the Boxsters. Porsche Melbourne’s ever faster Jeremy Hilton came in third with a nice 48.307 run.  Also entered in the S1A class for his first ever AutoX was Porsche Melbourne’s Dylan Kotoulis, 49.886. Not bad for your first time Dylan. I have to say it’s nice to see the Porsche Melbourne folks coming out to play. They are truly one of us!

Craig Barrie posted a 1st place finish in the S1B Cayman class and his blazing 44.192 time was good for 3rd fastest time of the day. Craig was followed in 2nd place by Michael Morrison with a fast 45.34 time and in 3rd place Russ Karnap posted a 46.554.

Carmen Devito led the 911 S2b pack with a smoking 44.507, good for 4th fastest overall time of the day. Carmen seems to be getting faster each event. Doug Dieruff placed second with a nice 46.248 run followed in 3rd place by Ron Menck with a 46.897.

In the S3 class Jason Breitfeller lead a group of older 911’s to victory with a nice 48.642 run followed closely by Roland Gallie in 2nd with a 48.89. Steve Sedaros ended up breaking the sub 50 second barrier for 3rd place in the S3 class with a sweet 49.787 run. It is truly impressive to see these “older” Porsches holding their own against the newer cars. Way to represent guys!

The ladies were not to be outdone, with Sara Morrison posting a nice 47.939 run to take 1st place in the SL class followed by Victoria Dieterle in second with a 48.698. Sue Kee came in 3rd in her first ever AutoX with a 68.399.

Alone in the P1 class, Ken Marshall set the fastest overall time of the day with a 43.397.

P2 class winner Reis Barrie squealed his 944 to a 47.048 on his best and final run of the day followed in second place by Dick Clark with a 63.064.

By the time you read this we should have completed our second event of the season on May 9th and will be getting ready for our final spring run on June 6th. Our plan will be to take a summer break and resume the remainder our 6 event AutoX schedule in September. Hope to see you there.

2014 AutoX

Sept 6, 2014
June 14, 2014
March 29, 2014

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