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Photo Galleries of 2017 Events attended by Space Coast

2017 Events

From David Kelly – The link below will take you to photos of the Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch on Sunday, December 10/2017.  It was a large turn-out of Space Coast Region members on a bright sunny day, and the Christmas spirit was certainly evident in all the toys collected that will be donated to children.

Of course, there were some great cars too!  It was a great mix of Porsche models; some with unique modifications, and a rare, true-to-production, Porsche factory slant nose 930.  Everyone appeared to have a great time and the photos show that as well.I hope you enjoy seeing them.

Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch – Sunday 12/10/17

From David Kelly – The twice-rescheduled Oktoberfest Concours, BBQ & Swap Meet was held on Saturday, December 09, 2017 at F. Burton Smith Park in Cocoa, FL.  Despite the rainy, windy, and cold weather, hardy PCA members brought their Porsches out for the Concours, the great German food, and the camaraderie of being among other like-minded Porsche owners.

There were some beautiful and unique Porsches on display, many of them earning awards in their respective classes and for Best-of-Show.  The uniquely designed custom awards were a big hit this year!

A significant effort by members of Space Coast Region was put into making this event successful despite the inclement weather, and judging from the positive response of the attendees, those efforts were greatly appreciated.  There was lots of camaraderie, lots of good food, and lots of dedicated Porsche owners!  All of it made for a really good time.  I hope you enjoy the photos.

Oktoberfest Concours, BBQ & Swap Meet – Saturday 12/09/17

From David Kelly – The Historic Sports Car Racing series held their Sebring “Classic” 12 Hour and “Pistons & Props” event this past weekend at the famous historic race track.

There is no better way to see all of the famous marques in head-to-head competition again than to attend one of these events, and the Sebring HSR “Classic” is one of the best.  If you enjoy seeing Porsches mixing it up with Ferrari’s, BMW’s, Jaguars, Lotus’s, Mustangs, and Corvette’s, not to mention the Chevron’s, Lola’s, LMP1 & 2 cars, among others, then this was the event for you.

These are legendary race cars competing by designated race group in one-hour sessions, one after the other throughout the weekend, starting with the green flag on Friday.  Complementing the “Classic 12 Hour” format were the HSR Sprint Races and Endurance Series.  There truly was something for everyone who is interested in classic sports car racing.

To complement the focus on classic racing machines in action, there were also classic aircraft on display lining the race grid and occasionally in the sky over the race track.  Please keep that in mind as you go through the photos as vintage airplanes may pop up here and there.

Click on the links below to see your favorite race cars from the sixties, seventies, eighties, and nineties, as well as some notable semi-modern racing prototypes.  There were some very special and somewhat rare Porsches there, along with GT3 Cup Cars, and lots of RSR Ducktails everywhere you looked.  You’ll see familiar driver names on the cars and in the garages, including one of our own.  As always, it is best to view the photos on the largest screen possible to see the most detail.

You should find a few interesting surprises if you look closely.  The “augmented” expansion tank on the Red Superformance GT40 is one example of many.  I hope you enjoy the photos.

Sebring Historic Sports Car Races – Friday 12/01/17

Sebring Historic Sports Car Races – Friday 12/01/17 (2)

Sebring Historic Sports Car Races – Saturday 12/02/17

From Robin Hoffman – What a wonderful evening we had last night at La Cita Country Club celebrating the Holiday Season and electing the Space Coast PCA Officers for 2018!  Many Thanks to all the sponsors, volunteers and participants who make this club great!  We have a huge collection of toys for Toys for Tots and we gave a $6200 donation to Brevard Schools from the proceeds of our calendar project – Thank you to RAY BALDINO for his excellent photography, generous gifts and support of this project.  Porsche of Melbourne was also a huge contributor to the printing of the calendar.  Thank you and Seasons Greetings to all!!

Photos – 2017 Space Coast Holiday Party

From David Kelly – Eighteen members, including some of our SPC Region officers, came out to attend the Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch on Sunday, November 12, 2017.  It could have been described as a “gathering of the faithful” due to the intermittent, but occasionally steady rain.  The photos at the link below show that everyone took full advantage of a short pause in the rain to check out the cars and have a great time despite the weather.  I hope you enjoy the photos.

Photos – Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch on Sunday 11/12/17

From Turbo Don – Our PCA Space Coast Group had a great event today thanks to our Sponsor, Platinum Werks, spearheaded by Chris Heinze, Owner, and Danny Baker, Shop Manager.

There was a display of 911’s models including 964s, 993s, 996s, 997s and 991s. There was a scratch removal demonstration, a buffing demonstration, a talk on the alignment machines, a talk on how the shop accesses your Porsche on their Porsche web-link so the exact diagnosis can be rendered when a damaged car comes in. Platinum Werks is a Certified Porsche Body Shop.

Jason Breitfeller, President of Breitwerks brought a 3.2 liter “short stroke” engine he is working on and explained some of the mechanics which proved to be a show stopper.  A Paint Expert selling BASF paints gave a talk on how colors are matched to your Porsche and Porsche of Melbourne displayed some of their new inventory.

We all drove to Amici’s Italian Restaurant for a great lunch experiencing their impeccable customer service.  David, the owner did an outstanding job of coordinating the lunch to our specification and reserving 50 very safe and secure parking spots for our precious cars.

We had a Special Menu for this event including Filet Mignon Burger with Fries, Penne AlA Vodka –  pasta with mushrooms, in a buttery cream sauce, Meat Lasagna, Chicken Parmesan with pasta, and Personal Pan Pizza, 14” with three toppings.

It doesn’t get better than this.  Look for a video of the Platinum Werks event and the Drive and Dine on our Facebook page.  And stayed tuned for more exciting events.

See David Kelly’s photos of the event at Photos – 911 Appreciation Session at Platinum Werks Collision Center, Saturday 11/04/17

From David Kelly – You will find links below to photos of the action at the “OktoberFast” PCA Race at Daytona on Friday 10/27/17 and Saturday 10/28/17.  There were approximately one hundred registrants for the race weekend with cars running in four separate “Run Groups,” including one for the DE participants.  Action on the track included Qualifying sessions and Sprint races on Friday and Saturday, and longer Enduro races on Sunday.  There was also an Auto-Cross event held concurrently during the weekend.

There are lots of photos and there should be something of interest for anyone who likes to see Porsche cars, especially when they are in action.  There was a larger group of Caymans and GT4’s this year than in the past and the competition among them was fierce.  You’ll see that clearly in the photos.

There was also a core group of 944 and 968 race cars and “Spec” Class Boxsters and 996’s campaigning successfully throughout the weekend.  And, of course, there was a strong contingent of multi-generation GT3 Cup Cars trying to overtake each other down the straights and racing wheel-to-wheel through the turns, especially at the International Horseshoe.  The competition was intense as evidenced by some off-track excursions and a few racing incidents during the course of the weekend.

There were lots to see in the garages, on the grid, and on the track.  I’m sure you will find a surprise or two. When taken together, you can see that the event is a huge coordinated effort by many volunteers and race teams to make it all run smoothly and safely throughout the weekend.

As always, the details in the photos seem to tell the story of what is happening at any point in time.  It is best to view the photos on a large a screen, if possible.

Hopefully, the photos capture the experience of “actually being there” as best as possible.  I hope you enjoy them.

Photos – “Oktoberfast” PCA Race at Daytona – Friday 10/27/17

Photos – “Oktoberfast” PCA Race at Daytona – Saturday 10/28/17

From Robin Hoffman – Porsche vs Corvette Autocross Challenge. Mission accomplished! A fun and safe day enjoyed by all! Space Coast PCA took the cup home with some very fast times, but the Corvette crew performed strong and vow to have less tight turns next year in their course design! Thank you, Mark Pieloch and American Muscle Museum for hosting at your wonderful facility and our sponsors: Glover Oil, Porsche of Melbourne and Statement Marine!  Special THANKS to our SPC Autocross team and organizers of the event: Ken Marshall, Craig Barrie, Tim Marshall, Carmen DeVito and Steve (Wojo) Wojecki. And thanks to the Corvette Club for coming out to volunteer and participate! Hope to see you all next year!

Photos – Inaugural Porsche vs Corvette Autocross Challenge – Oct. 28

From Scott Key:  A former member, David Dowling, attended our Corvette v.s Porsche Autocross Challenge Cup on Saturday and took some real fine action photos.

Porsche/Corvette auto cross photos from David Dowling

From Eliani Berman – Space Coast PCA Member Grow Wings

It was finally here. A date we looked forward to for weeks. The first Space COAST PCA Charity Drive and Dine for Charlene’s Dream Community Cancer Center
We had it all planned, meet and mingle at Panera in ISB, set out through the beautiful scenic LOOP of Ormond Beach and end up at Halifax Plantation Country club for a buffet brunch. It would be a pleasant event.

Then things got complicated when someone mentioned that part of the LOOP was closed due to high water, fallen trees, and debris.
But natural disasters do not deter PCA members from a commitment. On we went. One member Chris was a trooper and volunteered to drive ahead of the others to report if a turn-around would be needed. Terry Miller lead the pack, Bill Berman was the last in the line. The heavens must have been on our side because the LOOP was miraculously clear and open. An impressive parade of 14 Porsches rode through a beautiful road lined with ancient oaks and winding curves. The drive was amazing.

We arrived at the country club just as the skies opened up. The Tavern of on Green provided an area inside the country club, especially for this PCA event. The room was all blinged-out with crystal, linens, flowers and a scrumptious menu. The buffet was all inclusive with omelet station, waffles, sweets and so much more. There was a great deal of OOH and AAHs from all.

This event was all for the benefit CHARLENES Dream Community Cancer Support Center (CD) A CD volunteers had gone ahead and set out a table with samples of the supplies Charlene’s Dream provides free of charge. On the table was one lonely Lymphedema Sleeve. An item that is of great importance for many after cancer treatment. This is an essential item that provides comfort and is part of ongoing treatment. A sleeve lasts no more than 6 months and is usually not covered by insurance. A sleeve costs $50 to $150 each. Charlene’s Dream could not provide this important item for needy patients. We simply did not have any.
This Space Coast PCA Charity drive & dine brought in a generous sum of donations even from members who were unable to attend. Enough to stock Charlene’s Dream Cancer Support Center with a respectable supply of sleeves.

If all this giving was not enough to make us all get a bit shiny-eyed, PCA offered to make this an annual charity event. We are already scheming something exciting and different for next year. Go-Cart Racing, gambling, wine tasting, scavenger hunt…whatever is decided will be fun.

So in conclusion; we chatted, we cheered, we drove, we rode and PCA members are growing their heavenly wings for a, we ate and we had fun. Patients benefited good deed done.

Thank you, Space Coast PCA for your generosity.   Log onto www.CharlenesDream.com and Charlenes Dream facebook where pics and gratitude is posted.

Charlene’s Dream Charity Drive and Dine – October 22, 2017  (photos by Robin Hoffman)

From David Kelly – Here is a link to photos of the Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch on October 08, 2017.  Good coffee, great people, and a good mix of Porsche cars made it another great get-together.  And, the appearance of the yellow car served to make the Porsche ancestral lineage complete!  You may find a few interesting details in the photos.  I hope you enjoy them.

Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch – Oct. 08, 2017

From David Kelly – Here is a link to photos of the Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch held on Sunday, August 13, 2017.  It was another bright sunny day with great cars and great people!  I hope you enjoy the photos.

Photos – Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch – August 13, 2017

From Robin Hoffman – We had a lovely evening enjoying the view from the tower in Cape Canaveral!  Great food, great company, and great club!  Thanks to everyone who attended!  And congratulations to all the Space Coast members who took awards in 2017!  You can find the full list here.

2017 Summer Banquet at Exploration Tower

From David Kelly – The link below will take you to photos of the July 16, 2017, Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch.  It was a great turn-out on a hot day with twenty members participating.  They brought along some beautiful Porsches too!   I hope you enjoy the photos.

Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch – July 16, 2017

From Glenn Matchett – On July 8, 2017, I attended the monthly Orlando Cars and Coffee event (http://orlandocarsandcoffee.com/) and had a great time. The current location is 3251 N Ponkan Pines Rd, Apopka FL 32712, in a large gently sloped grass field on the property of Roseville Farms. It is a family-friendly event, and all the people I spoke with were pleasant. There are posted signs that indicate parking areas for different makes and types. Cars are parked in the sun, but there are plenty of shade trees on the north side to stand or sit under.

There was a total of six Porsches. I spoke with three of the owners, and they were from Citrus Region PCA. Other cars on display included two McLarens, a 1957 Corvette replica with modern features, Bentley, Maserati, BMWs, Corvettes, Camaros, Dodge Challengers, Ferraris, Mustangs, Nissan GTRs, a Lamborghini,  hot hatches, sleepers, and some cool looking dune buggies.

Summers in Apopka can be intense.  I checked the Apopka weather the day before and the air temp was 101°F.  By the time I left, I looked like I had crawled out of a swimming pool.   I am going to return to the show, but not until this Fall.

If you have any questions about this monthly event, contact the organizers via the link above. I had a few questions and they replied quickly. They even provided me with a Google Map link highlighting the route that their road rally would be following. I hope I’ll see some of you there in the future!

Photos – Orlando Cars and Coffee – July 8, 2017

From David Kelly – Here is a link to photos of the Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch for June 11, 2017.  Just click on the link, select a photo, and go through them one-at-a-time to see the most detail.  I hope that you enjoy seeing them.

Photos – Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch June 11, 2017

From Robin Hoffman – Zonefest Tallahassee 2017.  What a weekend! Zonefest was held over Memorial Weekend In Tallahassee.  We had 9 Space Coasters make the trek to the annual multi-regional 3-day event.  Social events, Autocross, Drives, Gimmick Rally and a Tech Session.  Photo Contributors:  Robin Hoffman, Sue Kee and Rachel Schwanitz

Photos – Zonefest 2017 in Tallahassee

From David Kelly – Here is a link to photos of the Space Coast Region Tech. Session hosted by Porsche of Melbourne on Saturday, June 3, 2017. It was a great turn-out of Space Coast Region members to see the inner workings of the new 2017 Porsche Panamera.  Porsche of Melbourne’s management and staff did a superb job of organizing, managing, and hosting the event, and making sure that everything ran smoothly, including a welcoming breakfast and a great BBQ lunch after the morning’s Tech. Session which was held in Porsche of Melbourne’s “brand new” service facility.

Imagine being greeted by a new, complete Panamera engine on an engine stand, just as you enter the service bay!  That, and much more, was waiting for us as we spent the morning getting acquainted with all the new technology built into the new Panamera’s.  And, to have our technical and operational questions answered in detail by the Porsche Technicians was “icing on the cake” for any dedicated Porschephile.  It was a great event, and one not to be missed in the future!

Click on the link below, select a photo, and go through them one-by-one so as not to miss any details.  I hope you find a few which may interest you.

Photos – Space Coast Region Tech. Session Hosted By Porsche of Melbourne – June 3, 2017

From David Kelly – Here are a few photos of the Space Coast Region “Drive & Dine” Group as they arrived at “Wilke’s 14 Bones” BBQ in Vero Beach on May 20, 2017.  Please click on the link below to see them.

“Drive & Dine” Group at Wilke’s 14 Bones in Vero Beach

From David Kelly – The link below will take you to photos of the Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch held May 14, 2017.  It was another bright sunny morning with Space Coast Region members and their Porsches, checking out the cars and catching up on recent events.  It was mentioned that if “a 914 owner, a 924 owner, and a Panamera owner” had joined the fun, it would have represented at least one model of each Porsche production series (excluding the multiple variations within any model series, and the Carrera GT & Porsche 918).

Photos – Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch – May 14, 2017

From Elaine Christine – Our first big charity event of the year was our Porsches & Putters Golf Tournament which followed a scramble format and a fun-filled Caddyshack theme. The Multi-Region Event was held on Saturday, May 6th at the Cocoa Beach Country Club.  Huge thanks to Shay Rowe and Porsche of Melbourne for giving all our golfers a chance on #2 River Hole to win a 2017 Porsche Boxster!  Unfortunately, no one went home with the Porsche, but we all got to have a photo taken with the beauty!

Following the Tournament, we had lunch at the 19th Hole Restaurant, an awards ceremony, and a Tech Quiz with a Caddyshack tie-breaker. We would like to acknowledge and thank PCA National for sponsoring lunch for this Multi-Region Event.

Proceeds from Porsches & Putters will support the Brevard Schools Foundation  (http://brevardschoolsfoundation.org), which invests in young minds and fills educational funding and opportunity gaps. Recently, the National Center for Education Statistics reported over 50 million students attend public schools. That’s a lot of children and a huge opportunity to empower the next generation!

Golf Results:

1st Place: Classy Shack (an all girl team!) – J. Carney, D. Turner, RA Sullivan, K. Hedgecock
2nd Place: It’s in the Hole! – S. Kee, S. Kee, R. Aumuller, G. Gibson
3rd Place: The Tremendous Slouchers! – C. O’Brien, J. Ribar, P. Kegami, G. Seay

Longest Drive, women: Jean Carney
Longest Drive, men: Chris O’Brien
Closest to the Hole: Sean Kehoe

Here is a link to some photos of the event: Photos – Porsches & Putters 2017 Charity Golf Tournament, May 6

From Robin Hoffman – The 9th Sunrise to Sunset PCA Rally was a huge success this past weekend!! Many thanks to Shay Rowe and Sheryl Swist from Porsche of Melbourne and our many Space Coast volunteers who ensured our weekend was awesome! From the Green Lights and Blue Sky’s Party at the dealership to breakfast watching a beautiful sunrise on the deck of the Crowne Plaza Hotel to a cloudy sunset seen from the 8th floor of the Lido Resort in Sarasota – the food was great and company exceptional!! Special thanks to our Rally Master Steve Hoffman (with an assist from Jason Breitfeller) and logo artist Shelby Goode.

Photos – Sunrise to Sunset Rally 2017, April 21-22  (see the rally results here)

From David Kelly – Please see the link below for photos of the 2017 “Wheels & Keels” Antique and Exotic Car and Boat Show at the Moorings Yacht & Country Club in Vero Beach, FL.  It is an annual event appealing to both car and boat enthusiasts and designed to support and raise money for local youth programs.

Exhibiters’ cars are displayed near the Club House on the Moorings golf course adjacent to the Indian River Lagoon and the classic yachts are displayed in-water at the Moorings Yacht Club Marina.  All the yachts were open and available for visitors to board and observe the workmanship and furnishings.

The cars on display were a mix of classic antique and modern exotic European and American automobiles arranged in predetermined classes for a judged concours event.  You will see some of our SPC Region members’ Porsches on display in addition to a full complement of Porsche vehicles from Porsche of Melbourne, which was a major sponsor of the event.

Two of our members, George, owner of the beautifully restored Conda Green 911T, and Jurgen, owner of the immaculate slate blue 928S, took first and second-in-class respectively for the “German Sports Pre – ‘92” Class.  It is especially noteworthy that they were in competition with a beautiful classic Mercedes 300SL roadster.  You can see photos of George and Jurgen accepting their awards on the red carpet.

You will likely find several other cars that may peak your interest as well.  The red Maserati was especially unique, along with the eight-liter Bentley, the red 1931 classic Packard, and the immaculate light green Austin-Healey 3000.  There were many to choose from to find a personal favorite.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

“Wheels & Keels” Antique & Exotic Car & Boat Show – Moorings Y&C Vero Beach, FL.

From David Kelly – See the link below to photos of the April 9, 2017, Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch.  Great cars, beautiful weather, and another good turnout of Space Coast Region PCA members. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch – April 9, 2017

From Robin Hoffman – We were treated to amazing hospitality by our phenomenal sponsor, Porsche of Melbourne and Shay Rowe. Derek Bell, Ivan Lendl, a Color Guard, Purple Heart recipients, the PCNA COO were all on hand to meet Porsche’s latest and greatest Panamera.  The fireworks show was beyond spectacular! Thank you, Shay and Sheryl, for inviting our Region to be a part of the evening!

Photos – Panamera Launch & Grand Opening of Porsche of Melbourne

From Jeff Dorman – Here a bunch of random photos of the scene at the 12 Hours of Sebring weekend.  From Friday’s Mazda Prototype and Continental Challenge races, to Porscheplatz visits from the Continental and Weathertech series Porsche GT4 and 911 teams.  Raceday, Saturday morning saw 100 Porsche’s lineup for the early on track Parade laps.  And saw a visit from Hurley Haywood, the Grand Marshall of this years race.  I tried to get a picture of every race car while on the Fan Pit Walk prior to the 12 Hour race, but somehow I missed the #10 Cadillac which won the race!  There are plenty of pictures of the happenings at the Porscheplatz, the adjacent hospitality setup of the three local Porsche dealer sponsors, and of the racing (and other unique sights) between turns 8 and 13 and of course turn 17.  A big thanks to PCA NA, and our Zone rep Steve Kidd and his wife Dottie for another great event.  If you have never been to Sebring you really should consider attending the race and the Porsche Corral/Porscheplatz, and perhaps joining the wonderful group of volunteers that make this a really funtastic event.

Photos – 12 Hours of Sebring – March 17 & 18, 2017

From David Kelly – I wanted to pass along photos of the “Under-the-Oaks” Antique Car Show held at Riverside Park in Vero Beach on March 18, 2017.

This was not a PCA or Porsche-specific event, but it was a trip down nostalgia lane for anyone whose love affair with cars began with American and European automobiles from the fifties, sixties, and seventies, or earlier as you will see in the photos.  You will find a few Porsches in there too, four of them to be exact, on display and ready to be judged (plus two more in the parking lot).  The Porsches on display were owned by local and visiting PCA members and drew their fair share of attention from the crowd.

There were lots of American cars on display and more beautifully restored Model A Fords than I’ve ever seen in one place before.  You’ll likely see several other unique and interesting cars, and some unusual automobile memorabilia as well.  I hope you enjoy the photos.

“Under-the-Oaks” Antique Car Show at Riverside Park in Vero Beach – March 18, 2017

From David Dowling – For those who attended the outing to the VAC tour and did not make the Tico air show and have an interest in the aircraft I am sharing these pics for them.

Photos – Valiant Air Command Air Show 3-11-2017

From Robin Hoffman – The Omni Hotel was overrun with beautiful cars this past weekend. 700 Porsches on display in the Corral or in the Judging area was VERY impressive! Dozens on Space Coasters made the trek to Amelia Island to enjoy the event – here are a few pictures to get a feel for the day! Hope to see you there next year!

Photos – PCA Werks Reunion – March 10, 2017

From Carmen DeVito – These pictures are of the judges who volunteered to spend their time at the show working, focusing on a specific a car class. The remaining pictures show states from which many cars heralded. They certainly came from the southeast but the west coast was also represented.  It was an outstanding first year.

Photos – Amelia Island Werks Reunion 2017

From Robin Hoffman – Forty-Five Porsches and their drivers came out to an experience of a lifetime today to see some amazing aircraft. Thank you to the museum and volunteers who gave us a tour (we had to break into 3 groups there were so many of us!) Photo ops were everywhere and I hope I caught a few cool pictures.

THANK YOU to Terry Miller, our North Region Director who organized the event and brought 20 members and their cars after having breakfast together! It was a beautiful day!

Photos – Tico Warbird Museum Visit March 5th 2017

From David Kelly – The link below will take you to photos of the Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch on March 5, 2017.  Good people, interesting cars, and a great way to spend Sunday morning!  Hope you enjoy the photos.

Photos of the Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch – Sunday, March 5. 2017

From Robin Hoffman – What an amazing way to start off our 2017 Autocross Season. We have been given the opportunity to use the American Muscle Museum grounds – Thank you owner Mark Pieloch!! 30 cars participated today and I hope I got a picture or two of each one!

A huge THANK YOU to our Autocross organizers: Ken Marshall, Craig Barrie, Wojo Wojecki, and Carmen DeVito!!

Photos – Space Coast AutoCross – March 4, 2017

From David Kelly – Here is a link to photos of Brian Redman’s “Targa Sixty-Six” on Saturday, February 18, 2017.  Although it wasn’t a Porsche-specific event, there were a variety of Porsches participating, including the blue #15 Leyton House-liveried Porsche 962.  You’ll also see a beautiful silver early 911 race car, a unique black and orange air-cooled 911, an orange GT3RS, a GT3 Porsche-liveried race car, a silver GT3, a black 944 racer, and a 924 among the various Run Groups competing for track time.  You’ll see a few unique Porsches parked around and adjacent to the Paddock as well.

For anyone who enjoys race cars of all sorts, the Targa Sixty-Six event is not to be missed.  Ferrari’s, Lotus, Chevrons, Lolas, Jags, and Ginettas, along with F1 cars, Indy cars, and IMSA prototypes are in attendance.  This year was no exception!  There was plenty of racing hardware for everyone see, touch, and photograph.  One such car was the “Brian Redman” #15 Chevron, which was immaculate in every respect and just as fast as it looked on the track too.

There were some one-off vehicles as well, such as the meticulous “La Carrera Panamericana” car, beautifully executed, and surprisingly fast on the track.  The “right-hand drive” David Piper/Richard Attwood green #7 Le Man’s Ferrari from the Larry Wilson collection was there taking its full measure of the 10 turn, 2.034 mile track.  The 512 Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer and the Ferrari GTO recreation were very special cars too. And, of course, there was the green parrot!

Brian and James Redman were gracious hosts as always, and they took the time to chat with entrants and spectators alike and to answer questions as they walked through the Paddock.  You can see James taking a spectator’s black 996 Carrera for a lap during the lunch break.  You could get as close to the cars and the track as you wanted, and the action took place at a leisurely but measured pace throughout the day so that you did not feel rushed and had ample time to see everything.

It’s an event you may want to add to your calendar for next year.  I hope you enjoy the photos.

Photos – Brian Redman’s “Targa Sixty-Six” Saturday, February 18, 2017

From David Kelly – Here is a link to photos of the February 12, 2017 Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch.  Over thirty SPC Region members participated with a significant variety of Porsche models on display.  There was literally something for everyone to see.

It was a great way to spend Sunday morning; with great weather, great cars, and good people!

Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch – February 12, 2017

From Robin Hoffman – Our Florida Owners Group (FOG) Hosted their 10th Annual Gathering of the Faithful on Feb 2-5th 2017 in Crystal River, FL.  The 4 day event included: driving tours, a “People’s Choice” Concours, tech quiz, banquet with awards, and a swap meet. Not to mention the hospitality suite which got shut down each every night due to “noise complaints”!  Needless to say, it was a wonderful weekend with some really awesome people!

Photos – The FOG: 2017 Gathering of the Faithful, Feb 2017

From David Kelly – The links below will take you to photos of Friday and Saturday action at the 24th annual “48 Hours at Sebring” PCA Race held February 2nd through 5th, 2017.

You will see action in the Paddock, on the Grid, and on the Track for practice sessions on Friday and Sprint Races on Saturday.  There were four Run Groups (Orange, Green, Red, Blue, Silver) comprised of the Spec. Boxster Class, 944 Cup Series, air-cooled/early water-cooled 911’s, late model GT3 Cup cars, and the Advanced-Solo DE group, in addition to a Track Touring session for Charity led by the Alegra Motorsports Rolex Daytona 24 Hour GTD Class winner, the #28 Porsche GT3R.  Enduro Races were held on Sunday.

You’ll see numerous photos of the race cars and the race teams, some of which you may recognize from past Club Racing events, and you may be able to find some cars belonging to Space Coast members who registered for the event.

There was much to see throughout the Paddock and on the Track, from the beautiful mid-eighties 911’s of the Accumoto Motorsport Group to the race-prepped 944’s & 968’s of the 944 Cup Series, and the ever-increasing number of late model GT3 Cup cars.  There truly was something for everyone, especially those who enjoy seeing Porsches “maintaining the tradition” of competition racing, as they were designed to do.

I hope that you find something of interest as you browse through the photos.

48 Hours at Sebring PCA Race – Friday 02/03/2017

48 Hours at Sebring PCA Race (1) – Saturday 02/04/2017

48 Hours at Sebring PCA Race (2) – Saturday 02/04/2017

From David Dowling – Following the Rolex 24 the 48 Hours of Sebring was a great way to unwind and watch local talent race in their club race.  The link below includes random shots of the sprints on Saturday.

Photos – 48 hours Sebring, Saturday, February 4, 2017

From David Dowling – Please enjoy photos of my day at the Rolex 24 on Saturday at the link below.

Photos – Saturday at the Rolex 24, January 28, 2017

From David Kelly – You will find photos of the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona Race on Saturday, January 28, 2017 at the link below.  You’ll see action in the race team garages, as well as vintage race cars on display and the roll-out of those cars for the pre-24 Vintage Race.  There are several photos of the 2017 Rolex 24 race cars aligned along Pit Road across from the start-finish line just prior to the start of the race.  And, of course, many photos of the Porsches in the Porsche Corral, along with lots of track action.

You can see the new Porsche Factory RSR’s (#911 & #912) in their respective garages and getting last minute checks at the Tech. Station prior to race start.  Check the GTLM Class second place finishing #911 RSR closely as the rear fascia is removed in the garage and you will see the “open space” in the new car which would normally be occupied by a portion of the engine in last year’s RSR’s.  Also, you may find the rear diffuser and lower body side panels interesting.

There are also photos of the GTD Class-winning Alegra Porsche GT3R #28, driven by Porsche Factory driver, Michael Christensen and others, who came to the front to stay after the last round of Pit Stops to capture Porsche’s 77th class victory at this world-famous race venue.

As always, there was lots to see, plenty to do, and a great time for all PCA members and race fans.  I hope you enjoy the photos.

Rolex “24 Hours of Daytona” Race – Saturday 2017-01-28

From Robin Hoffman – We had another successful Holiday Party at the Eau Gallie Yacht Club.  70 people came out to enjoy the festivities!  We enjoyed looking at all the Charity Calendar photos shot by Ray Baldino. We had a contest with the calendar participants and the winners were: The Coolest Car: “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” with Tom Kirk;  Most Creative Idea: “The Apocalypse” with Bill and Kristy Bashwinger;  Most Exciting Image: “Shark Attack” with Jurgen and Rachel Schwanitz;  Best Overall People’s Choice: “May the Porsche be with you!” with Becke Hansen & Margo Lozito.

We also celebrated our 10 year relationship with Shay Rowe and the Porsche of Melbourne Dealership. Thanks for a great decade Porsche of Melbourne!

Holiday Party Photos – January 7, 2017

From David Kelly – The link below will take you to photos of the January 08, 2017 Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch.  Just click on the link, select a photo and go through them one-at-time to see the most detail.

It was a good turn-out of PCA members on a cold sunny day, along with a great mix of cars.  A woman drove by in an SUV, and after admiring all the Porsches parked side-by-side, she said with a big smile, “this can’t be a coincidence!”

Photos – Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch January 08, 2017

From Jeff Dorman – Here is a link to the photos from the January 6, 2017 Roar Before the 24 at Daytona International Speedway, the first test day for the IMSA WeatherTech Sports Car series, and warm of the Rolex 24 hour race later in the month.  There were a lot of new entries for 2017 in the Prototype and GT classes.  The new P class Cadillac’s looked great running among the Nissan, Mazda, Ligier and Oreca prototypes.  New GT-3 spec entries for 2017 in the GTD class included the Mercedes AMG and Lexus RCF and Acura NSX.  Porsche will be fielding the two factory supported number 911 and 912 entries against stout competition in the GTLM class from Corvette C7-R, Ford GT, BMW M6 and Ferrari 488.  There a few short videos in the mix.  I hope you enjoy them.

Roar Before the 24 at DIS January 6, 2017, WeatherTech Series