Special 50th Anniversary Autocross Results – March 24

An excellent autocross is in the record books! Thank you all for coming out, helping out and driving well. The special driving coach, Randy Pobst was a great addition to our weekend and I hope everyone that wanted coaching or just a question answered from Randy got the chance. He will be sending some memorabilia for us; so stay tuned to see what we have to hand out to our autocross faithful. Thanks, Craig Barrie for being Course Marshal keeping us safe but moving along. No small feat considering this was our largest autocross totaling 44 people with the longest course (74sec average) and we still finished the tour, cleaned up the site and got out before the evening charity event! The course was our most challenging yet. Thanks to Ken and Tim for always giving us more and something special for the 50th! It really was a great course and meeting that challenge is what is making us better drivers. Keep it coming!

Attached are the results in the normal format; Class results, then Raw times fastest to slowest. New this year is a single ladies class as requested. All others are per 2018 PCA Parade rules.

A big thanks goes out to Mark Pieloch for the best-guided tour of AMCM ever! Just outstanding. His ability to remember details and stories about each car is amazing, entertaining, and added so much to the experience. Thanks, Mark! If you have a Facebook account check out the video of Randy Pobst taken by Ed and some of the great pictures from Jerry. You’ll find them on the American Muscle Car Museum page. Thanks, guys!

Also a big Thanks to Porsche of Melbourne for providing Randy with a car to drive and sponsoring our 2018 autocross season!

See you all out for our next autocross Saturday May 5! Same place, same time, register EARLY!!!

The Autocross Team

PS – You can find Robin Hoffman’s excellent photo album of the day at SPC 50th Anniversary Autocross Event – March 24

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