Space Coast Region PCA Takes 3rd Annual Porsche Vs Corvette Autocross Challenge

The 3rd annual Porsche Melbourne and American Muscle Car Museum sponsored Porsche vs Corvette Challenge is in the record books.  Space Coast PCA hosted the 2020 edition to a record crowd of over 100 people and won for the 3rd year!  The weather started out a bit cold but turned perfect for the 12 Porsche and 12 Corvette drivers competing for top honors.  After multiple runs throughout the day, the quickest 10 drivers from each team get to add their best times for a team average and the lowest average wins.  This year SPC PCA averaged 58.4913 seconds and Cape Kennedy Corvette Club averaged 61.7580 seconds.  Congratulations to the SPC team that included Ken Marshall (captain), Craig Barrie,  Rick Baz, Carmen DeVito, Cindy Hambidge, Russ Karnap,  George Krivo,  Bob Layman,  Gary Lund, Tim Marshall, Ron Menck, and Steve (Wojo) Wojcicki. Thanks go to our sponsors, the drivers and especially the club members who came out to work the course for us.

Click here for the results in xlxs form.

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