Results – First Annual Porsche/Corvette AutoX Challenge, October 28

From Ken Marshall – The first ever Porsche/Corvette AutoX Challenge event between the Space Coast Porsche Club and the Cape Kennedy Corvette Club is history. We all had a blast and more importantly made new friends in each other’s clubs. There were smiles all around! The weather cooperated too, as the event concluded before afternoon storm clouds started rolling in! Every Team driver and volunteer received a beautiful custom event shirt courtesy of Ken and Tim Marshall/Glover Oil Company and Craig Barrie/Statement Marine.

The event format allowed 10 runs for each driver to establish their best time, and the team average of the top ten times determined the winner. In the end, the Porsche Team won a decisive victory with a Team time of 58.655 versus the Corvette Team’s time of 64.480. Good sports all, the results made for some friendly after event ribbing from the Corvette Club, who let us know that they would be back with a vengeance next year with a course that didn’t have so many turns. To that we say….see you next year!

Click here to download a spreadsheet of the First Annual Porsche/Corvette AutoX Challenge results.

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