Porsche’s new video-based 9:11 Magazine

Porsche has just brought the spirit of the print magazine to the web in it’s newest multimedia endeavor: 9:11 Magazine.  The first episode named “Courage” takes viewers through two-time World Rally Champion Walter Röhrl’s experience one night during the Rallye de Portugal, the boldest colors offerered, the transaxle era and more.

9:11 Magazine will be published five times a year in German and English, and befitting its name, each web episode will be (roughly) nine minutes and eleven seconds. Porsche says the next episode, titled “Pure,” will be dedicated to the iconic rear-engined sports car: the 911.

Check out the online magazine at http://911-magazine.porsche.com or go straight to the video at https://youtu.be/96bW5UaUYVo.

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