Photos – The Larry Wilson Car Collection & Brian Redman’s Targa Sixty-Six Event at PBIR


From David Kelly – You’ll find photos below of the Space Coast Region tour of the Larry Wilson Car Collection and the follow-on drive to Brian Redman’s “Targa Sixty-Six” event at the Palm Beach International Raceway.  It was a spectacular day for anyone who participated in both events.  There was so much to see in the Larry Wilson Car Collection that it was almost impossible to take in everything at one time.  Rare and beautiful cars were everywhere you looked.

Then, there was the non-stop action at “Targa Sixty-Six!”  More great cars, everywhere again, in the Paddock and out on the track.  Including some very famous ones as well.

The Space Coast Region Officers planned and executed the event so that everyone had a chance to participate in the activities, including the on-track Touring Laps, which you can see in the photos.  Many thanks to them for giving us another first-class event!

Just click on the photo links, and view the images in full screen mode to see the most detail.  I’m hopeful that you will find at least a few things which might interest you.

The Larry Wilson Car Collection – 02/20/2016

Brian Redman’s “Targa Sixty-Six” Event at Palm Beach International Raceway – 02/20/2016

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