Photos – Porsches & Polo at Windsor – Saturday 02/17/18

From David Kelly – Here is a link to photos of “Porsches & Polo” held in conjunction with the Windsor Charity Polo Cup, sponsored by Porsche of Melbourne.  This is a significant effort by Porsche of Melbourne and Space Coast Region PCA in support of the Alzheimer & Parkinson Association of Indian River County.  As you can see in the photos, we had a maximum turn-out of SPC Region members and a very large commitment of staff and resources from Porsche of Melbourne to make the event a complete success.  The people at Windsor were very gracious hosts in support of everyone who attended.

A “People’s Choice” Concours was conducted for SPC participants, with many outstanding Porsches in the running for honors.  Photos of the owners of the winning cars are included, along with photos of every Porsche car at the event.  There were so many great cars it was difficult to choose a favorite.  It seemed that the Windsor members and guests felt the same way as they thoroughly enjoyed themselves inspecting all the Porsches on display.

The Polo action was second-to-none, with many well-known Polo players on the field, and the horsemanship was amazing.  You will be able to see a few examples of that in the photos.  It was a great experience for anyone watching the event, especially anyone there for the first time.

Great refreshments and snacks were provided by Porsche of Melbourne, and great hospitality from Windsor, with lots of Polo action on the field, and the great weather made it a very enjoyable day for everyone.  All of it in support of a very good cause.

I hope you enjoy the photos

Porsche & Polo at Windsor – Saturday 02/17/18

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