Photos – “Oktoberfast” PCA Race at Daytona – Friday 10/27/17 & Saturday 10/28/17


From David Kelly – You will find links below to photos of the action at the “OktoberFast” PCA Race at Daytona on Friday 10/27/17 and Saturday 10/28/17.  There were approximately one hundred registrants for the race weekend with cars running in four separate “Run Groups,” including one for the DE participants.  Action on the track included Qualifying sessions and Sprint races on Friday and Saturday, and longer Enduro races on Sunday.  There was also an Auto-Cross event held concurrently during the weekend.

There are lots of photos and there should be something of interest for anyone who likes to see Porsche cars, especially when they are in action.  There was a larger group of Caymans and GT4’s this year than in the past and the competition among them was fierce.  You’ll see that clearly in the photos.

There was also a core group of 944 and 968 race cars and “Spec” Class Boxsters and 996’s campaigning successfully throughout the weekend.  And, of course, there was a strong contingent of multi-generation GT3 Cup Cars trying to overtake each other down the straights and racing wheel-to-wheel through the turns, especially at the International Horseshoe.  The competition was intense as evidenced by some off-track excursions and a few racing incidents during the course of the weekend.

There were lots to see in the garages, on the grid, and on the track.  I’m sure you will find a surprise or two. When taken together, you can see that the event is a huge coordinated effort by many volunteers and race teams to make it all run smoothly and safely throughout the weekend.

As always, the details in the photos seem to tell the story of what is happening at any point in time.  It is best to view the photos on a large a screen, if possible.

Hopefully, the photos capture the experience of “actually being there” as best as possible.  I hope you enjoy them.

Photos – “Oktoberfast” PCA Race at Daytona – Friday 10/27/17

Photos – “Oktoberfast” PCA Race at Daytona – Saturday 10/28/17

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