Photos – HSR Classic 12 Hours of Sebring Race (Pistons & Props) – Friday 11/30/18 & Saturday 12/01/18

From David Kelly – Below are links to photos of the action at the HSR Classic 12 Hours of Sebring “Pistons & Props” event.  If you like vintage sportscar racing and vintage aircraft, you will likely find many items of interest in the photos.

It was a full weekend of head-to-head racing with American iron pitted against classic German, British, and Italian race cars.  Of course, that meant there were lots of Porsches on the track in every class.  From classic 911 RSR’s and beautifully restored 935’s to more modern GT3 Cup cars, there was something for every Porsche fan to see and hear on the track.  And, for those who like other German, British, and Italian marques there was plenty of racing action as well, as they competed with some very fast Corvettes and Mustangs of the same era.

Driving race car #114, a red Porsche 993, was our own Tom Kirk, who was honored at the 2018 Awards Banquet for the 2018 Historic Sportscar Racing B.R.M Chronographs Endurance Challenge for the Historic group.  It’s a great achievement, and you should see that beautiful B.R.M. Chronograph he wears proudly now.

A significant complement to the racing action in the “Pistons & Props” event was the array of WW II era vintage aircraft displayed along the entry to the Racing Grid, several of which performed fly-overs during the Qualifying sessions on Friday.  It was remarkable just to be able to look down the Grid at a row of vintage race cars set against the backdrop of so many great vintage aircraft.  It seemed very fitting to have it take place at Sebring, a former WW II B-17 bomber base.

It was, as always, an event with something for everyone!  Hopefully, the “Historic” nature of the Sebring venue, coupled with the vintage race cars and aircraft, will come through in the photos.  I hope you enjoy them.

HSR Classic 12 Hours of Sebring “Pistons & Props” Event – Friday 11/30/18

HSR Classic 12 Hours of Sebring “Pistons & Props” Event – Saturday 12/01/18

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