Photos – Historic Sports Car Races (HSR) at Sebring 2016 (Fri & Sat)


From David Kelly – The links below will take you to photos of the Historic Sports Car Races at Sebring this past weekend.  You’ll see vintage race cars from the “Golden Age of Racing” in action on the track and in the team garages throughout the Paddock.  There were plenty of Porsches to see; several of them with long racing histories and many wins, and driven by well-known racing drivers.  There were many other famous Marques competing head-to-head during the weekend, which should be easily recognizable as you view the photographs.  You’ll see a former Formula 1 driver and World Sports Car Champion participating in the pre-race festivities along Pit Road (and two 911 race cars in the garage area bearing his name as the driver).  You’ll also undoubtedly find the red Kremer 935 and its racing history very interesting.

There was a display of World War II era vintage aircraft and military vehicles at the track for the weekend and you’ll see a few of the military vehicles cruising through the Paddock during the race sessions.  There was something for everyone who may be interested in vintage machinery, especially vintage race cars of all sorts.

You’ll see the most detail if you can view the photos individually on a large screen.  I hope that you enjoy them.

Sebring Historic Sports Car Races – Friday 12/02/16

Sebring Historic Sports Car Races – Saturday 12/03/16

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  1. Does anyone recognize the car driven by a Spacecoast Member? Hint it is at the WERKSHOP to enjoy a Holiday break, then back to Zotz’s Racing to prep for the 2017 season. It will be raced again at Sebring in February with HSR. A new Sebring event was just added to the 2017 HSR schedule.

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