Photos – Daytona PCA Race (Friday & Saturday, Oct. 23 & 24 only)

From David Kelly: You’ll find photos of Friday and Saturday at the Daytona PCA Race this past weekend at the two links below.

The photos show activity in the team garages, on the grid, and on the track.  There are a large number of photos, so it may easier to browse through them first to find which ones interest you the most, then click on any of them for a full screen image to see the most detail.

You will recognize some Space Coast Region members and their race cars.  Look for a red 993 #141 and a red 944 #969, driven by Tom Kirk and Terry Miller, respectively (there are many photos of each car in the mix).  You’ll see other interesting cars as well, including 911’s of every flavor, GT3 RSR’s, GT3 Cup Cars, GT2’s, 911 Turbo’s, 968’s, several 944’s, and at least one highly modified 914.  There were two one-off race cars on the track as well.

If club racing is your interest, then you’ll likely see a few details in the photos which will make viewing them worthwhile.  Hope you enjoy them.

Daytona PCA Race – Friday Oct. 23, 2015

Daytona PCA Race – Saturday Oct. 24, 2015


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