Photos – Brian Redman’s “Targa Sixty-Six” – Saturday February 18, 2017

From David Kelly – Here is a link to photos of Brian Redman’s “Targa Sixty-Six” on Saturday, February 18, 2017.  Although it wasn’t a Porsche-specific event, there were a variety of Porsches participating, including the blue #15 Leyton House-liveried Porsche 962.  You’ll also see a beautiful silver early 911 race car, a unique black and orange air-cooled 911, an orange GT3RS, a GT3 Porsche-liveried race car, a silver GT3, a black 944 racer, and a 924 among the various Run Groups competing for track time.  You’ll see a few unique Porsches parked around and adjacent to the Paddock as well.

For anyone who enjoys race cars of all sorts, the Targa Sixty-Six event is not to be missed.  Ferrari’s, Lotus, Chevrons, Lolas, Jags, and Ginettas, along with F1 cars, Indy cars, and IMSA prototypes are in attendance.  This year was no exception!  There was plenty of racing hardware for everyone see, touch, and photograph.  One such car was the “Brian Redman” #15 Chevron, which was immaculate in every respect and just as fast as it looked on the track too.

There were some one-off vehicles as well, such as the meticulous “La Carrera Panamericana” car, beautifully executed, and surprisingly fast on the track.  The “right-hand drive” David Piper/Richard Attwood green #7 Le Man’s Ferrari from the Larry Wilson collection was there taking its full measure of the 10 turn, 2.034 mile track.  The 512 Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer and the Ferrari GTO recreation were very special cars too. And, of course, there was the green parrot!

Brian and James Redman were gracious hosts as always, and they took the time to chat with entrants and spectators alike and to answer questions as they walked through the Paddock.  You can see James taking a spectator’s black 996 Carrera for a lap during the lunch break.  You could get as close to the cars and the track as you wanted, and the action took place at a leisurely, but measured pace throughout the day so that you did not feel rushed and had ample time to see everything.

It’s an event you may want to add to your calendar for next year.  I hope you enjoy the photos.

Photos – Brian Redman’s “Targa Sixty-Six” Saturday, February 18, 2017

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