Photos – Autocross at the AMCM – March 30, 2019

From Tony Whalen – The weather was perfect,  cool in the early morning, warming up during the day.

My first Autocross experience was in October 2018;  my sub-par experience helped to trigger the need for the Club to create an AutoX class for beginners which was given in January 2019 (see the article in this month’s Velocity magazine for details).  For me personally, having completed the Training Class made my 2nd Autox experience tremendously better from just 5 months earlier.   Ken Marshal was my ride-along instructor both times and I’m sure he will vouch for the improvement I made during the training class.

Photos were taken by my neighbor, Randy of “Stephan Randall Photography.”  He is a long time race fan and used to race Motorcycles before his career as a photographer.  Just having the opportunity to be at the AutoX track was a thrill for him.

There was a Boy Scout event at the American Muscle Museum.  After the AutoX, 10 PCA volunteers took turns driving each of the eager Boy Scouts for a lap around the track.

Photos – Autocross at the AMCM – March 30, 2019 (courtesy of Randy of “Stephan Randall Photography”)

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