Photos – “48 Hours at Sebring” PCA Race – Friday 02/02 & Saturday 02/03

From David Kelly – The links below will take you to photos of the “48 Hours at Sebring” PCA Race on Friday 02/02/18 and Saturday 02/03/18.  The “48 Hours at Sebring” event is PCA’s largest Club Race so there is more of everything.  More GT3 Cup Cars, more Cayman GT4’s, more classic 911 race cars, and more 944 Cup and Spec. Boxster race cars too.  With five full Run Groups, including the DE Advanced Solo, the track is filled with non-stop action, and the Grid is packed with race cars ready and waiting for their turn on the track.  As always, there are many things to see in the Paddock as well.

As you browse through the photos, check out the huge number of GT3 Cup Cars on the Grid, or look for those classic eighties 911 race cars from Accumoto Motorsport with the spectacular period liveries.  Or, take a stroll through the busy Paddock and the team garages to find your favorite Porsche race car.  Surely you will see something that interests you. I hope you enjoy the photos.

“48 Hours at Sebring” PCA Race – Friday 02/02/18
“48 Hours at Sebring” PCA Race – Saturday 02/03/18
“48 Hours at Sebring” PCA Race – Saturday 02/03/18 (2)

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