Photos – “48 Hours at Sebring” PCA Race – 2/5/2016 & 2/6/2016

48hrs SPC

From Carmen DeVito – Here are some pictures, taken by Sue DeVito of the Space Coast participants from Saturday’ regional Autocross at the 48 HR of Sebring event.  I do not know the results but I am sure we all did well and enjoyed the day…until it rained. 🙂

From David Kelly – You’ll find links below to photos of the action on Friday and Saturday at the “48 Hours at Sebring” PCA Race.  There was a large turn-out of race teams and cars for the event, despite the very chilly temperatures on Friday and Saturday morning.  In addition to the regular complement of GT3 Cup cars and other modern 911 variants, there were a great many Cayman’s and Boxsters racing in the event.  There were also more 968’s and 944’s competing than in recent years at Sebring.

Another thing that stood out was the large contingent of eighties-era 911 race cars in the Paddock and on the track.  They practically filled a “Run Group” by themselves and raced head-to-head for some spectacular action on the track.  And, they are still fast!

I tried to capture unusual details in the team garages and throughout the Paddock, so hopefully you’ll find some things in the photos that interest you.  There are a great many photos so it is probably best to browse through them first to find the ones which interest you the most, then view them in full screen mode to see the most detail.  I hope you enjoy them.

48 Hours at Sebring PCA Race (Friday) – 02/05/2016

48 Hours at Sebring PCA Race (Saturday) – 02/06/2016

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