Oktoberfest Concours Photos – October 17, 2015

From David Kelly: Many thanks to all of the Space Coast Officers and SPC members who worked so hard to put together a great Oktoberfest Concours event.  It was one of the best ever!  So many high quality Porsche cars, lots of great people, and super German food too, thanks to the great cooks manning the grill.   From the beautiful cars to the bargains on the Swap table, and the impressive Paintless Dent Repair demonstration, everything was perfect.

There are two links below with photos of the cars and the people who attended, along with the award presentations.  You will see many interesting details as you go through the images and also how much fun everyone had at the event.  Be sure to look at both links so you don’t miss anything.  Feel free to download any images you like.

Space Coast Region Oktoberfest Concours (1) &  Space Coast Region Oktoberfest Concours (2)


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