OktoberFAST in Daytona 2021

From Robin Hoffman – The OctoberFast Zone 12 event happened October 22-24 and it was a great success. Space Coast had drivers in the autocross, the DE and the Club Races. We had 8 Porsches join in our drive up to Daytona and we were quite a sight along I95. Many members enjoyed walking tours around the Speedway and the garages including a few different viewing areas; like the international horseshoe (turn 3) of the road course.

The Autocross on the Daytona kart track Saturday is rumored to be the most awesome autocross one participant had ever done and they can’t wait to do it again next year. The only cones they had to navigate were 3 slalom cones just prior to the finish line. The rest of the course was basically a small racing track. Top speeds may have neared 70 mph!

65 drivers were on the roster, and here’s how Space Coast did overall. I’m including the names of some of our fellow Space Coast region members. We were a FAST group:

[fastest time of day = 48.06]

23 – Alex Flores (2006 Boxster) – 51.99
21 — Dave Micca (2008 Boxster, lava orange) — 52.08
28 — Jeff Nester (2021 Cayman GTS) — 52.55
33 — Glenn Matchett (2012 911 C2S) — 52.846
35 — Cindy Hambidge (2010 Boxster S) — 53.103
53 — Milt Weisman (2016 Boxster GTS) — 56.59
56 — Roger Duff (2002 Boxster S) — 57.44

There was some stiff competition in the AX including a powerful Cayman R on racing slicks. They trailered their car, but all of our competitors drove our Porsches to the event.

On Sunday, we watched the 90 minute Enduro race for PCA club racing. There were 4 different classes on the track at the same time: 911, Cayman GT4, Boxster (hardtop), and 944. The first-place driver led the entire race. And for the first half of the race, the drivers at spots 2, 3, and 4 were in a tight pack, but eventually caught up to the slower classes and someone was able to use a slower car as an opportunity for passing to widen the gap.

Both Saturday and Sunday at lunchtime there was an opportunity to do a 3 lap charity track tour. Unfortunately, they were the slowest track tours I’ve ever seen. We are not allowed to drive on the high banks. They parked a rescue truck at Nascar turns 1 and 3; to enforce that. But this time they also added a security person down low at Nascar turns 2 and 4. Well. At least we did raise some cash for Charity.

I hope you enjoy a few photos from this event – Photo contributors include Cindy Hambidge and Sue Kee as well as myself.

Photos – OktoberFAST in Daytona 2021

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