Learn to Autocross Event on January 12 – Training in the Basics

Our first event of the autocross season on January 12 will not be an autocross.  Since we have many new and novice autocrossers the Autocross Team felt it was time to have an ‘on course, in your car, with instructor’, training session.  It will be a low stress, untimed event with specific training stations designed to teach all that is needed to get you started on a fun, successful autocross season! This is offered to new and novice autocross drivers only and there will be no charge for this event!  Sign up will appear on Club Registration about a month before the event.

Who can attend: New and novice autocrossers (driven less than 4 autocrosses) only!

When: Saturday, January 12, 2019

Where: American Muscle Car Museum, 3500 Sarno Rd, Melbourne

What:  No Timing set-up.  Course set to educational stations.


  • Correct driving position
  • Correct hands
  • Driving smoothly
  • Sensing what the car is doing


  • Tire condition
  • Tire pressure
  • Check wheel nut torque


  • How to study the course
  • Turn in Points for smooth fast turns
  • Braking points; how much and when to apply
  • Opening up the wheel
  • The start and coming to a fast, complete stop
  • Which Cones are the important ones
  • Skid pad, getting to maintaining the fastest speed
  • Slalom, how to read it and drive it

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