It’s not just the cars, it’s the people!

Turbo Mayhem

From Sue Kee – While reading the June 2016 issue of  “Die Porsche KASSETTE” , the Gold Coast Region’s Magazine, I came across an article written by Paul Raben, their Membership Chairman, that  I wanted to share with all our Space Coast members.

It starts out with Paul and his wife Peggy making the 2-1/2 hour trip to one of our Space Coast events, Turbo Mayhem, and ends with the generosity and kindness of Jason Breitfeller when Paul had an issue with his battery.  Jason gave and installed a battery, not accepting any money, so the Rabans could drive home safely.  Check out the article, and know that there are people like Jason all over who jump into helping other Porsche Club members every day.  As Paul states ” PCA is a caring and helpful enthusiasts that enjoy their cars, other people’s cars and helping people when they need help.”  It’s not just the cars…………’s the people!

AND………………………very proudly, Thank you Jason Breitfeller for being a very generous and special Space Coast Member!

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