High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) Update

From Carmen DeVito – PCA High Performance Driving Education is a great, safe way to get on the track, learn how to drive your Porsche with a PCA instructor and have fun with Porsche friends.  There are 5 classes of driver skill and speed that take the track at different times. Since each driver is evaluated and put into a group of like drivers and cars the speeds are similar and safe.

Check out the new HPDE page – https://spc.pca.org/pca-high-performance-driver-education-hpde/.

Also, check out the two fantastic HPDE videos from our members at Sebring International on our Event Videos page – https://spc.pca.org/spc-event-videos/.  Space Coast had a good group of drivers out for this session and we are expecting a great turnout Mother’s Day weekend before summer break.  Anyone interested in DE events can contact Ken or Craig.

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