Calendar 2016 – 10 Months SOLD! $5,500 raised for Charity! On the very 1st DAY!

You and your Porsche can still appear in Space Coast Region’s 2016 Calendar, but only if you act quickly and bid aggressively. After all, only 13 members can be featured in the calendar and 10 have already closed on their months!

mccallRon & Libby McCall of New Smyrna Beach were early bidders. Here’s a snapshot of Libby (Ms. June) and their 911 cab at our last Holiday Party. Ray Baldino DID NOT take this.

Becke Hansen already has the jacket and a calendar spot, but her Chocolate Targa won’t be here until June–still plenty of time to stage her shoot with Ray and make her appearance in our 2016 Calendar! You many remember Becke’s husband Scott and his Turbo posed for Ray at KSC in our 2015 calendar and wondered why he was barefoot. Do you know how much these jackets cost?

jacketYES, you can still get in the Calendar!

(Jan 2016 through Jan 2017). The minimum bid is $250 or you can “Buy-it-Now” for $500 and assure yourself of a spot. (in 2015, every month went for AT LEAST $500).

Simply e-mail your opening bid to We’ll tally them up and provide regular updates on the Space Coast Region website (, so you can track the progress of the bidding.

As soon as your bid is accepted and you’ve paid, we’ll schedule your photo shoot with Ray Baldino, award-winning photographer and Space Coast member.

Need a new PORSCHE (or a fresh shine on the old one) for your shoot? Just call Porsche of Melbourne at (321) 956-0600. They sponsor the calendar and they want it (and your car) to look their best!

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