AX Results – December 7, 2019 Autocross at AMCM


We hope you had a great time today! Here are the results in XLSX format. Congrats to the winners in each class.  Also included is the listing of Raw times listed from the fastest car/driver without class designation. Remember the January 11th event registration opens this Wednesday, December 11th!

Someone commented to me that there are cars in Sxx classes that are lowered, have aftermarket exhausts, etc, and not stock and should be in Pxx. We aren’t staffed to nor do we wanted to police your car. This is an honor system. Here are the PCA rules for stock classes:

Showroom Stock Classes – Cars are “as delivered” from Porsche when new with no modifications. “No” includes safety equipment like harnesses, seats, and any aftermarket changes that could reasonably be considered performance improving. This includes aftermarket wheels, sway bars, harness bars, air filters, etc. Tires must be rated DOT 180 wear rating or higher with no cord showing. If a car is in question it will be reconciled using the full 2019 Parade Competition Rules at PCA.ORG

Yes, this differs from SCCA but we don’t run their rules. If it isn’t Stock please let us know and we will correct the class for next time.

If there are any corrections to the results let us know and we will make them and reissue. We hope you all had a great time and we hope to see you all next month. Thanks to our sponsors Porsche Melbourne and American Muscle Car Museum!

The Autocross Team

AX Results – December 7, 2019 Final Corrected

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