Annual Meeting and Elections on January 7

The following are two important items for our annual meeting, which will be held during our Holiday Party and Annual Meeting on Saturday January 7th at the Eau Gallie Yacht Club in Indian Harbour Beach.  See Club Registration, for event details, registration and payment.

First, the Space Coast Region Nominating Committee makes the following recommendations for the calendar year 2017 positions to be voted on at our annual meeting:

President – Scott Kee
Vice President – Jason Breitfeller
Secretary – Robin Hoffman
Treasurer – Tom Kirk

Second, since our Bylaws have not been updated for over 30 years, there has been a drawn out effort to draft updated Bylaws.  Thanks to the efforts of a few folks we now have a newly updated version of the Bylaws for membership approval.  This new version can be found here.  A discussion and vote on the Bylaws is on the agenda for our Annual Meeting.  Any comments and suggestions should be submitted to Scott Kee, by 31 December 2016 to allow time for adjudication.

Highlights of the updates include:

  • Change all name references from “Cape Canaveral Region” to “Space Coast Region”
  • Updated badge/logo to current configuration
  • Updated to comply with the latest PCA National Bylaws
  • Clarification of who can hold region positions; both active and family-active members
  • Established term limits for President and Vice President at two consecutive terms
  • Clarify that Space Coast elected officials cannot hold another PCA National elected position
  • Expanded Board of Directors from 5 to 7 voting members by adding two new Directors as voting members of board.  This upgrades the appointed North Coordinator and South Coordinators to Directors and makes them voting Board of Directors members.  This is intended to assures that these critical geographical areas of our large region are always represented in the decision making process.
  • Quorum is redefined to be 4 of 7 board members for any meeting
  • Clarified existing standing committees, updated to reflect the 12 we currently regularly utilize
  • Nominating committee recommendations presented to the membership at least 30 days prior to election
  • Clarifications to process for nominations and elections of officials
  • Definition of types of meetings
  • Clarifications to obligations and indebtedness of officials and members
  • Process for recommending future changes to the by-laws

I hope to see you at our Annual Meeting on January 7th.

–  Scott Kee (President)

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  1. Nice to see all the details being cleaned up. Just curios why the regions logo’s rocket is very similar to a German V-2. Maybe there is a subliminal message that was intended. But why not use a current rocket like the bad boy Atlas V. It has been amazing to see the region grow since I was President a million years ago.

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