Accumoto Motorsport Race Team photos from David Kelly

From David Kelly:  You’ve seen these photos mixed in with the “48 Hours of Sebring” photos I sent to you earlier this year, so please disregard the link below if you are not interested in seeing them again.

After the race, I had put together an album for the Accumoto Motorsport Race Team showing their stable of vintage 911 race cars at the Sebring event. Going back through those photos this morning, I was reminded of how special these cars were, and still are, at the race track. For me, it’s another demonstration of Porsche’s racing heritage that these cars can be maintained meticulously and continue to race competitively.

There’s also something special about the way they look even today. Hope you enjoy seeing them again as much I did.

Accumoto Motorsport Race Team at the 48 Hours of Sebring Photos


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