Video of SPC Fun Drive and Lunch at Fishlips – August 1, 2015

Porsches began leaving Sam’s Club in Melbourne at 9:30 AM for a back roads, a “less than direct” fun drive to Fishlips Waterfront Bar & Grill in Port Canaveral for lunch. Once at Fishlips, we met up with a few Space Coasters that did their own direct drive to Port Canaveral, and also with folks from the Florida Citrus Region, …

2016 Calendar SOLD OUT!

Winning Bidder—Chris Heinze.  All 13 months of the calendar are now sold and as those members’ funds are combined with the generous contributions of Porsche of Melbourne and Ray Baldino Photography, a total of $7,000 has been raised for our designated charity, “The Haven”. A temporary emergency shelter for abused, abandoned and neglected children, The Haven provides a therapeutic level …

Watch 50 Years Of Porsche 911 Evolution… In 30 Seconds

The people at are sharing a walk through of Porsche 911 history in a span of just 30 seconds.  One 30 second look each at the side profile, front view and rear view as the 911 morphs from generation to generation.  See the evolution from 1963 to the present here.    

A Look Into Porsche 918 Production (Video)

Check out this brilliant video of the Porsche 918 production facility.  This short look into the 918 production line is an example of how Porsche has brought true craftsmanship into the modern era — blending the precision of technology with the vision and emotion of people who truly love their product.

Jolly Gator Drive Video – July 11, 2015

Here is the link that Turbo Don (and his talented wife Susan) compiled of yesterday’s drive to the Jolly Gator.  Another winner!!!   Thanks Don and Susan! You can find all of our latest videos at

Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch – July 12, 2015

From David Kelly:  Here is a link to photos of today’s Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch.  Another great turn-out of Space Coast PCA members, and many great cars too! Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch – July 12, 2015

Summer Banquet 2015 – August 8

This year’s Space Coast Region Summer Banquet is going to be like none other!!! ‘Porsche Wins Le Mans!!!’ is the official theme.  All prizes and take homes will be based around this theme. Feel free to wear your best race gear for this memorable night of celebration!!! Check out the Summer Banquet Facebook page for the latest event info – …

Porsche eBayed a model of its Le Mans-winning 919 for Charity

Porsche listed a non-functional model of its 919 Hybrid Le Mans prototype on eBay recently, netting a hair over $106,000 for charity — the proceeds benefit Singapore’s SportCares Foundation and Movement. The company says that this particular chassis is a “1:1 Model Car” with no drive train. The good news is that Porsche says it’s fit to be mounted on a wall, …

The Final 918 Spyder Rolls Off The Assembly Line

I hope you got your order approval because the last Porsche 918 Spyder just came off the line in Stuttgart.  In 21 short months the factory built all 918 of these extremely innovative hybrid supercars.  See the story here.

Porsche is #1 in Initial Quality for 3rd Year Running

Porsche drivers must be a happy bunch (yes we are), and not just because of speed and style. In the first three months of ownership, the luxury brand’s cars have been ranked as the least problematic across the industry for three years running, according to J.D. Power and Associates’ 2015 Initial Quality Study.  See the story here.

Photos – Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch

From David Kelly:  Photos from the Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch can be found at the link below.  We had nice surprise with the arrival of a new Porsche 918 Spyder! See the pictures here – Vero Beach Kaffeeklatsch – Photos. Thanks David!