Officers & Leadership

Current 2016 Leadership Team

President/Events Chair Scott Kee* 321.431.6428
Vice President/South Region Coordinator Jurgen Schwanitz* 772.567.6676
Secretary Sally Jecmen* 321.537.3605
Treasurer Tom Kirk* 321.591.2223
Immediate Past President Lou Linden 321.720.8293
North Region Coordinator Terry Miller 386.689.0296
Membership Chair Brian Reinert 321.298.0089
Charity Co-Chair Carole Marshall 321.750.2096
Charity Co-Chair Donna Linden 321.720.8293
Safety Chair/Insurance Coordinator Genie Whitehead 321.720.0132
Driving Event Chair/DE/AutoX Co-Chair Ken Marshall 321.750.2096
Driving Event Chair/DE/AutoX Co-Chair Craig Barrie 954.614.2591
Touring Chair Steve “Wojo” Wojcicki 321.454.7612
Technical Chair Jason Breitfeller 321.806.8664
Social Coordinator Ron Menck 321.243.5356
Escape Velocity Co-Editor Robin Hoffman 321.543.9205
Escape Velocity Co-Editor Sue Kee 321.431.6429
Escape Velocity Graphic Artist Harry Allen 321.508.8770
Webmaster Jeff Dorman 321.412.5613
Historian/Concours Chair Ralph Fritsche 321.289.9051
Facebook Chair “Turbo” Don Silverzahn
Classic Coordinator Shelby Goode 321.632.2432
Event Scheduler Juli Kasse 321.508.4725
National Tech Chair Steve Hoffman 321.652.4654
Treffen North America (NA) Facilities Coordinator Ginny O’Neal 407.491.5810
Treffen NA Chair/Dealer Liason David O’Neal 407.808.6461
National Vice President Tom Gorsuch 321.626.0563

*Board Members

Space Coast Region Salutes its Past Presidents

The Porsche Club of America has over 60,000 members. It is the largest such organization in the world. At the regional level, PCA is an entirely volunteer organization driven by Porsche enthusiasm. The Space Coast Region owes its existence today to the character of club members of the last 45 years. The following is a list of Space Coast Region Past Presidents. Each President served for years in other officer and volunteer positions leading up to and following their most active role and led a team of worthy officers. We salute our Past Presidents and honor their fine efforts that are our legacy.

1968 Bob Nelson 1990-1991 Vincent S. Lamb
1969 Jack C. Conrad 1992 Steve Dagley
1970-1971 Jon Brooker 1993 Ron Golden
1972 Roy Ferry 1994-1995 John Stephens
1973-1974 Howell O. Hilton 1996 Steve Dagley
1975 Stella K. Murdock 1997-1998 John Rower
1976 Lee M. Payne 1999-2000 Kirk E. Stowers
1977-1978 Stella K. Murdock 2001 Jack Chandler
1979-1980 John M. Kennedy 2002 Greg Lowdermilk
1981 John A. Murdock 2003-2004 Steve Dagley
1982-1983 Dee Kindl 2005-2006 Guillermo Gutierrez
1984 Dan Cleary 2007-2008 Tom Gorsuch
1985 Stella K. Murdock 2009-2010 Ralph Fritsche
1986 Don Miller 2011 David O’Neal
1987 Steve Dagley 2012-2013 Steve Hoffman
1988-1989 Jim Halloran 2014-2105 Lou Linden

 Special thanks go to the staff members/guests from Porsche of Melbourne in attendance; they enhance our ownership experience on a daily basis. We also thank the dealership for its financial support of our events; the growth our club has achieved would not have been possible without the commitment of Shay Rowe.