Porsche Motorsport Boss Says Cayman GT4 RS is a Possibility

From the folks at motorauthority.com we have a report that Porsche Motorsport’s Andreas Preuninger might be “interested” in building a RS version if the demand was there.  And why not!   See the story and some a host of Caymen GT4 pictures here.

Porsche Classic puts modern navigation in older cars

From the folks at autoblog, a description of the new (Euro only at this time) Porsche Classic nav/radio/external music player with built-in and external microphone.  It’s a bit pricy, but looks like just what the good doctor ordered for any air cooled 911.  Check out the Porsche Classic video and press release here at autoblog.

Escape Velocity 2014 on the Web

All of the our 2014 SPC Escape Velocity magazine editions are now available in PDF form on the website .  Check out http://spc.pca.org/escape-velocity/ to revisit any one of them.  Enjoy!  

Art Of The Automobile – April 12

Art Of The Automobile – A Lifestyle Event in Downtown Daytona Beach, Florida.  Featuring Brian Redman. For more info visit the event Facebook page or ArtoftheAutomobile.net.

Hello Porsche World!

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